Friday, February 5, 2021

Bits and Pieces

LOVE to highlight Oro Valley Historical Society and 
Starting next Thursday and biweekly after that, we will be publishing articles on Oro Valley history. 

The Oro Valley Historical Society will craft these articles.  Their mission is to …”promote research, preservation, education and dissemination of history related to the Greater Oro Valley area.” 

In the past, LOVE has published articles on the Pusch Family, Russell Ranch and Steam Pump Ranch. We even linked to a 1934 video of the Rattlesnake Queen. The video is well worth watching.

Look forward for more to come starting this coming Thursday

Pusch View Course... Then and Now
Those living on or near the Pusch View Course have posted a video on Nextdoor via YouTube on what the 9-hole Pusch View Course looks like today as opposed to what it looked like when the town maintained it. Of course, it looks like the desert because the town is not watering it. The course uses potable water. The region is in the midst of a severe drought. Not watering the course makes sense. 

As LOVE has reported, the town was hopeful that The El Conquistador resort would take back the course and maintain. The pandemic has killed that idea for the moment. The resort does not have the financial capacity to do that. 

The town is working on a "solution."