Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kai Amendment Request Gets New Life

Jones-Ivey tips the scale
The Oro Valley Town Council voted 4-3 last night to reconsider the Kai-Capri General Plan Amendment. Council Member Joyce Jones-Ivey joined the three who had voted to approve the amendment in approving the motion. She have voted against the amendment at the January 6 meeting. The amendment will be heard on February 3.

Jones-Ivey: Kai Family feels there were misunderstandings
Jones-Ivey had requested that the item be reconsidered after being approached by the applicant. She said that the person who approached her " was very concerned about the fact that there was he felt misinformation or misunderstood. He wanted an opportunity to come back and have his concerns addressed."

Jones-Ivey blames possible "misunderstandings" on Zoom meeting format
She continued: "I really would like to see this happen for them. The Kai Family has been in the community for years and they have also been developing here for quite a few years and because we are using Zoom to communicate sometimes I believe there is a lot of lost communication that goes on that could have possibly contributed to the misunderstanding that they would like to have clarified. So, for that reason, I would like to have this reconsideration considered and passed by council. We can have them back and listen to their concerns.”
Source: Oro Valley Town Council Meeting, January 20. 2021, Time 1:58:40