Friday, January 8, 2021

Bits and Pieces

Tech Parks' Startup Incubator, UACI Opens its Doors in Oro Valley 
In mid December, The University of Arizona Center for Innovation opened its new bioscience-focused startup incubator facility in Oro Valley. The new center is officially up and running and ready to support bioscience startups with the resources, programming, facilities and mentorship needed for startups to thrive. The incubator will offer companies access to shared laboratory equipment like an ultra-low freezer, biosafety cabinets and an inverted fluorescence microscope. Startups will also be guided through a 27-point roadmap for business enterprises designed to support bioscience discoveries and help translate them into marketable technologies.

The center’s first tenant is TheraCea Pharma, a UA drug technology spinoff that in early November was named winner of a “sponsored launch” competition for a slot in the incubator sponsored by BioSA. (Source: Innovation Center Press release)

Council approves pay increase
The Oro Valley Town Council approved a pay increase of 3% for all employees starting in January. This will cost the town $385,000 through June 30. It will permanently embed $888,000 in cost to next year's budget.  This amount does not include the added fringe benefit costs that are based as percent of salary. 

Previously, the Town Council requested the Town Manager to assess market and revenue trends and come back to provide an update and recommendation regarding potential salary increases." Town Manager Jacobs' assessment is that the town needs to do this in order to provide competitive wages; and that the town can afford it by not added open positions.

Is there anyone you know who has received a pay increase during Pandemic times? We know many who are living on less.

2020 in the rear view mirror
TakeBackOV published a quick retrospective on Oro Valley's 2020. Well worth watching.

Troon is back!
The town replace Troon, the company that managed the Town of Oro Valley golf courses, with Billy Casper Golf this fall. Troon announced the purchase of Indigo Golf, which was formerly called Billy Casper Golf. Read about the purchase.