Friday, October 9, 2020

Town Must Allow Recreational Pot Sales If Prop 207 Passes

Town staff wants to evaluate recreational pot impact on code from Proposition 207
Planning Director, Bayer Vella, will ask the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday for approval to look into the impact of legalized recreational pot on town code.  "Proposition 207, “Smart and Safe Arizona Act”, is on the November ballot to "authorize the sale, use, cultivation, processing, transport, manufacturing, testing etc. of recreational marijuana". 

If approved, the proposition would go into effect on November 4 (once the vote is certified). In preparation of potential voter approval, it is imperative for jurisdictions to update all applicable codes to regulate recreational marijuana before it goes into effect. Initiation will direct staff to review existing code and propose changes for conformance with Proposition 207 should it be approved." (Source)"

Town can't prohibit recreational pot sales
According to the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, "code changes need to be in place prior to a potential successful vote of the measure to insure that the Town has proper authority to regulate placement of recreational marijuana sales establishments in the community.

Proposition 207 does not allow municipalities to prohibit such sales."

Prop 207 matters to Oro Valley 
Vote "No" on 207 if you want Oro Valley to remain pot free. Vote "Yes" if you think selling recreational pot in Oro Valley is a good thing.

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