Monday, September 14, 2020

Westward Look Resort Considers Joining Oro Valley

The "give and take" of annexation
The Town of Oro Valley and Westward Look Resort are considering "marriage." In this case, the marriage is the annexation of Westward Look with the proviso that the resort gets to do something with some of the now vacant land it owns that abuts Ina Road. That something will require an Oro Valley General Plan Amendment and a property rezoning.

Bed tax and sales tax revenues in exchange for GPA
The town will get bed tax and sales tax revenues to support the added services it will provide the resort. Hopefully, these will be substantial once the pandemic is simply a "bad memory." In addition, the town will receive fees during the construction of this project.

A first class resort with a rich history

If annexation occurs, Oro Valley will have the prestige of another four star resort.  It is a Wyndham resort. The resort was acquired in 2012 by Westward Look Resorts LLC for $32 million. This is a Florida based company.

If Westward Look is annexed, Oro Valley will be the home of the oldest resort in the Tucson area, a resort with a rich  history. The resort was founded in 1912.  "By the 1940s, it became a thriving dude ranch, and by the 1960s, it was well on its way to becoming the 244-room property it is today." (source)  Learn more about this legendary resort here.

Three project concepts floated
Westward Look is floating three project concepts, all of which would be built along Ina Road. This is the south side of the property.  (See blue oval on map panel above)

  • Luxury Apartment complex with boutique retail and restaurant 
  • Mixed use office, mixed use commercial, restaurant, hospitality and office plaza retail 
  • Luxury apartments, hotel and residential buildings 

  • General plan land use and zoning would have to be changed to accommodate these. However, there is no obligation that any of these will be built eventually. Generally, market conditions at the time of construction dictate what is built.

    Get engaged now... participate on September 15
    There are many questions residents should be asking. This is, after all, a huge move for Oro Valley. The Town is asking residents to get involved. Best way to start is to visit this link to become familiar with the project. Then, participate in a September 15 Zoom meeting. Meeting time is 6 PM.