Friday, July 31, 2020

Bits and Pieces

Town Considers Allowing More Noise From Businesses To  Residential Areas
Those living near commercial property beware. On July 7, the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a measure that would reduce the "quiet enjoyment" of your home if you are located near a commercial property. This was pointed out o us in the recent appearance of Tim Bohen on Jim Horn's Oro Valley Podcast.

Currently, commercial endeavors are not allowed to have noise from their business be more than 40db as measured at the property line of a residence. For example, if you live near a restaurant that has an outside speakers or events, the noise level can not be more than 40db to your property line. Town staff and Planning and Zoning Commission want to change this to 55db. on average and 75db at the max. 75db is equivalent to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. (source). You read about the proposed change here.
Could flooding happen to the homes in Big Wash?
 "TUCSON (AP) — Pima County authorities say many homes and businesses could face flood damage in the wake of the latest large wildfire in the Tucson area. The lightning-caused Bighorn Fire started on June 5 and charred more than 187 square miles in and near the Santa Catalina Mountains before it was fully contained last Thursday.

The Arizona Daily reports that close to 1,000 homes and businesses lying along a number of washes could be flooded during a 100-year storm. That’s more than double the 431 landowners in those areas who got letters from the county in late June telling them their homes could be flooded during a big storm." (source) You can watch of video of flood debri pouring down the CDO wash on July 15 at this link.

Paving on La Cholla next week, as project nears completion
As LOVE previously reported, the construction of LaCholla is near. Final paving starts next week. 
"La Cholla Blvd from Overton Road to Lambert Lane will get the final layer of asphalt starting August 5 through August 14. The down side… paving is like watching paint dry. It takes 4 hours from when the pavement is laid to it being hardened and capable of being driven on. Just a suggestion, try to keep out of the area for those days or be patient because it may be some time before you can make a turn on to certain roadways. After that some stripping work a few extra tweaks and the will move to the next section to the north to complete! So if you do drive the area mark it in your calendar and don’t be surprised!" (Source: Town of Oro Valley)