Friday, June 19, 2020

Guest View-George Lindsay: One Must Consider The Impact Of The Pandemic On Community Center Financial Results

Tuesday, LOVE posted a Guest View on the financial results of the Community Center through April. This prompted Oro Valley resident George Lindsay to provide us his view on how to interpret the results. The following are Mr. Lindsay's thoughts:
The Oro Valley Community Center was closed much of April ... due to the COVID-19 virus. At the end of March the fund balance was a positive $478,709, erasing a $17,223 starting deficit,. Then the center closed and membership fees were suspended.

True. The Community Center Fund is supported by the 1/2 cent sales tax; however, all parks and recreation facilities receive tax supported funding.

The Community Center was hit by the pandemic, as were all the businesses in the town.
To imply that the Center operations were not meeting budget projections is a little misleading.  My hope that since the Center and its amenities have broad support from the community it will return to operating in the black as it was before the pandemic.

As for the golf course operations, the pandemic has had a negative effect on play
Statistics cited [in LOVE's Tuesday guest view] refer to rounds played based at a nearby course that has an 8 minute tee time interval (max. capacity 9450) vs. a 12 minute interval (max. capacity 6300) enacted at the Town owned courses to help keep golfers safe during the pandemic. Considering the concern for public safety and the mandates imposed by the Mayor and government officials, the decision to keep residents safe during the pandemic was wise.

As for golf members (“all 260 of them”), that number reflects memberships of which there are 372 members. During April, only 36 holes, not 45 were open. The Pusch Ridge course was closed due to the COVID.

Recent posts have been divisive in nature and certainly not the rhetoric that brings a community together. How sad for the entire community.