Monday, March 2, 2020

Guest View-Micheal Bilodeau: Preserve Vistoso Wants More Community Engagement in Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Study

Preserve Vistoso wants more Rancho Vistoso Community Engagement in Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Study
Preserve Vistoso will ask Oro Valley to schedule a community engagement meeting in Rancho Vistoso as part of the Parks and Recreation study by Pros Consulting firm.

The Town of Oro Valley commissioned PROS Consulting to do a comprehensive needs assessment and master plan for Oro Valley Parks and Recreation and recommend an overall plan for the future.

Rancho Vistoso residents are more than 25 percent of the population of Oro Valley...
...but Parks and Rec has not scheduled any of its five community engagements in our area. We should have a meeting for Rancho Vistoso residents to discuss our ideas and needs and have equal input in the future of the Town’s parks and recreational facilities.

Closed Vistoso Golf Course owner may seek zoning changes
Preserve Vistoso was founded in 2019 to give Oro Valley residents a voice in what happens to former Vistoso Golf Course, which closed in 2018. The property is owned by Romspen Investments, a Canadian non-bank lender. Preserve Vistoso understands that Romspen Investments plans to file for zoning changes with the Town of Oro Valley in the next few weeks.

Preserve Vistoso wants the former golf course to become a nature preserve...
...and community trail for the entire community. Members of Preserve Vistoso have met with the State of Arizona Parks and Trails to confirm that grants are available to purchase and maintain properties like the closed Vistoso Golf Course.

The former golf course has spectacular mountain scenery, more than six miles of paved trails, restrooms, existing parking areas, and a pond. The area also could protect an existing wildlife corridor as well as petroglyphs found on the course.

The course is embedded in and surrounds the community
An opportunity for Oro Valley to add Parks and Recreation land
Oro Valley is nearing build out and the Town is significantly below the national average when it comes to parks and recreational space. Preserve Vistoso wants to partner with the Town and like minded individuals and organizations to change that. We are exploring all options.

Michael Bilodeau,
Preserve Vistoso
Preserve Vistoso is a non-profit (501c3) with more than 1,000 members.  Preserve Vistoso is asking people who support their cause to join their contact list to stay up to date on the community meetings happening over the next few months.  Go to to learn more.  Click the JOIN button to add your name to their contact list.