Monday, January 27, 2020

2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Phase 1 To Assess What People Want

2020: What people want
The Town Of Oro Valley is developing a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The first phase of the plan is to determine what residents want. The town will approach this in several ways. One way is to do a statistically valid survey.

2014: What people wanted
The last survey was done in 2014. The most wanted items, those wanted by at least half the respondents are listed in the panel below.

Vice Mayor Barrett reminded us  in 2018 while a candidate for office of the 2014 survey results. "Far at the top were Playgrounds, Ramadas, and Walking Paths." Add to this list ballfields and basketball courts.

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Not on the most wanted list: A community center or municipal golf. Golf, in fact was rated as "not important" by 63% of the respondents.

The town built a plan for Parks and Recreation based on its existing facilities, the wants of the community, and the practical limitation that all facilities will be built on a pay as you go basis.

Then, in 2015 everything changed.

2015: An opportunistic purchase cast the plan aside
The opportunistic acquisition of the El Conquistador Country Club was at odds with the findings of the 2014 survey. Suddenly, golf and a community center jumped to the top of the list.

Mayor Satish Hiremath justified the "sudden turn" as fitting into the plan. He told LOVE that the purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club was "...a very unique opportunity for the Town to acquire a turn-key operation that will serve as the Community and Recreation Center." He then overstated the level of interest residents had in a community center telling LOVE that "Recent community survey results have indicated that the majority of our residents are interested in having a community center." Hiremath stated that "...Golf and Tennis fit into our strategy of youth and amateur events." (source)

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2016 General Plan provides guidance
The 2016 "Your Voice Our Future" General Plan was approved by the voters. The plan reaffirms the 2016 community survey results. It focuses Parks and Recreation on community events, outdoor recreation, the arts, and playing fields and courts.

The 2020 plan needs your input
The planning process is detailed on the town's website, planyourparksov. Do visit the site. Find ways to get involved. One thing you can do immediately send the town your ideas on what would you like Oro Valley Parks and Recreation to consider for future planning. Take the time to submit your thinking.

Remember: The plan considers more than just parks, golf, the community center and the aquatic center. It also includes Steam Pump Ranch and community events, such as holiday, running and bicycling events. It includes our trail system. It's for all of us of all all ages. So do think broadly and send in your thoughts.

We will be posting more about the master plan and the planning process in future love postings. Key word: 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.