Thursday, March 1, 2012

What We Heard At The NPCC Candidate Forum

This report is from our "cub reporter",  John Musolf. Thanks, John.
Last night, Dave Perry, President of the Northern Pima Chamber Commerce (NPCC) moderated an Oro Valley Council Candidates Forum. The event was held at the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel

The six candidates: Brendan Burns, Bill Garner, Mark Napier, Fred Narcaroti, Steve Solomon, and Mike Zinkin provided  two-minute introductory statements. There was also a brochure handed out before the forum that gave a picture and brief bio on each candidate.

Dave Perry then offered the same six questions to all the candidates. Each candidate was allowed two minutes to give a response each.  The following are some questions and responses.
  • The police department currently uses 45-50% of the Town of Oro Valley Budget. What is your position on the Oro Valley police department?
    About half the candidates responded that a police department study might not be needed since the Town is so “safe”. The other half responded that the study might not only confirm the police department's excellence, but might also provide some opportunities for further improvement. Most municipalities average about 25% of a town budget on their police budget.
  • What is your position on the Oro Valley Public Library? Should it remain an affiliate or become a branch of the Pima County Library District?
    Most of the candidates responded that a proposed Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Town and Pima County Library District had just been posted on the Town web site and needed to be vetted and discussed in extreme detail. Most agreed that there should be sufficient time to discuss and not rush into anything quickly.
  • What is your position on the use of Tucson Regional Economic Organization (TREO)? Should the Town continue to fund them or find other alternatives?
    Most candidates stressed that TREO furnished generic information in their quarterly reports and that a TREO should provide substantive reports (“hold their feet to the fire”).
  • What is your position on the use of Metropolitan Tucson Convention Visitors Bureau (MTCVB)? Should the Town continue to fund them or find other alternatives?
    Most candidates stressed that the MTCVB 's reports provided only generic information and that a real performance report must be made (“hold their feet to the fire”).
Dave Perry then gave each candidate one minute for a summary closing statement. All of the candidates asked for voter support. One candidate also stated that he felt that the town was in excellent condition now and would continue to do so in the future.

Dave Perry then closed the forum and told the citizens that six round tables had been set up for each candidate and that the public could go to each table and ask the candidate one on one questions.


artmarth said...

John does such an outstanding job in his research and reporting on the town's finances, including the folly of giving our tax dollars to the likes of TREO & MTCVB, plus pointing out that the OVPD is responsible for almost 50% of our total budget, and questions if we're getting our money's worth.

Not having attended this forum (I know well enough the ONLY candidates worthy of my vote are GARNER, ZINKIN & BURNS,) i found this report did nothing to enlighten me.

For example,why wouldn't John take a moment to say which candidates support a police study and which don't.

I've voted for those that do!

Dan said...

There must be something I missed by not attending.

How were the candidates received by the audience? Were the "nay sayers" there? Where there comments made publicly and privately :) in stage whispers?

I can't believe that civility prevailed. :)

Victorian Cowgirl said...

What stood out to me the most at this forum was that 5 of the candidates actually seemed to be in agreement on some of the questions and only had slight disagreements on other questions. Only 1 candidate was consistently contrary to the others...Solomon!

Now I understand his big yellow signs and why they're all placed separately from the other candidates signs...

The cheese stands alone!

I'm voting GARNER-ZINKIN-BURNS but will also say that Narcaroti was likeable and seemed reasonable in his answers. If I had to vote for 4 people instead of 3, he would get my 4th vote.

Faveaunts said...

Unable to attend this forum, altho I was at the first one in Sun City. Didn't Narcaroti mention there that he has a relative (brother-in-law??) on the OVPD? Is that a concern to anyone besides me? Seems like it would be hard to vote for a study that might negatively impact a family member. Just sayin'...

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I was told that Narcaroti has a brother on the OVPD, but maybe it's brother-in-law?

If he's elected, and he has integrity, he should recuse himself from any votes pertaining to the OVPD. But he probably wouldn't, so I agree, this is of some concern.

Our best bet for a citizen-centric council is GARNER-ZINKIN-BURNS.

arizonamoose said...


You didn't miss much from the NPCC Candidate Forum.

There was no public input. Dave Perry, President NPCC, prepared six questions which each candidate had to answer. The questions were asked starting with a ddifferent candidate in rotation each time.

Whenever a candidate answered,the other 5 candidates basically dittoed their remarks. The answers were somewhat sterile and civil. However, I believe that it may have been because the ballots were out and no one wanted to be too contreversial.

There was an opportunity to talk one on one with each candidate at six tables that were set up after the forum. About 25 people stayed to either drill or hug the candidate of their choice.

John Musolf