Monday, January 6, 2020

CVAP Training Coordinator Publicly Bashes Council

Subsequent to this posting, on January, Mr. Prunty, on our Facebook page, denied that he was training coordinator. This link is to a screenshot LOVE took of the CVAP Volunteer web page in December. Note that Prunty is listed as the coordinator. The page has since been altered by the town.
CVAP Coordinator Publicly Bashes Council
Normally, LOVE would not comment on the actions or opinions of an individual acting as such. In this case, however, the individual identified himself in social media postings, stating that:  "I have been an OVPD volunteer for years."

James Prunty is the CVAP Training Coordinator with the Oro Valley Police Department ("OVPD"). Prunty has engaged in spreading rumors about the police chief search and writing remarks about Mayor Winfield and Vice-Mayor Barrett that are personally insulting. He did this on the social media site He did this after having made similar remarks in opinion pieces in The Explorer publication.

His conversation (click here to read) is entitled “The Future of Public Safety." It is replete with assertions and allegations regarding Mayor Winfield that Prunty does not substantiate.

Prunty's assertions are unsupported
Rather, they are inflammatory, written to install a false impression. For example, Prunty wrote in his posting asserting that:
  • Winfield included an external search to find someone who will be “loyal to the mayor, not the town.” 
  • “Winfield and Nicolson began their search several months ago and found a candidate that meets their needs.” 
  •  “Winfield is not a fan of Danny Sharp and therefore, will not hire anyone he [Sharp] recommends.” 
  • The external search is Winfield’s way of finding “an unqualified candidate.”
Prunty claims:  “I have talked to a candidate, possible Winfield favorite. He’s unaware of the recall, and someone should look into his wife history as cap.”

If he is to be believed, Prunty has more knowledge of this alleged candidate than council. Vice-Mayor Barrett told us recently that she has no knowledge of any candidate. In addition, she told us that the council has not screened any candidate.

We wonder: What authority did Prunty use to get access to this alleged candidate? Did he use his status as CVAP member to do so? Otherwise, why would a candidate talk to him?
James Prunty Post with picture of new council members
Prunty asserts that new council members are "inferiors.. lack trust.. lack integrity"
Take a look at the photo with the following caption at right. Prunty posted it on

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors"

Prior to sharing these assertions on, Prunty unleashed his thinking in an opinion in The Explorer. There he alleged that Winfield and Barrett lack “, integrity, governance, judgment...” (Explorer: 11-27-19)

The Prunty storm has been raging for some time
Prunty's comments follow seven of his opinions published by the Explorer regarding his prior “cause”, keeping Oro Valley’s municipal golf courses. Prunty's community is Canada Hills.

In these letters he asserted that the now council majority election platform included a pledge to shut down the golf courses, that they hadn’t done a strategic analysis of the golf situation, that closing the golf courses is dangerous, and that the new council members are not honest or truthful.

Once again, he provides no support for his assertions. Our research reveals that there is no such support.

The cops should remove Prunty from CVAP
Oro Valley Police Commander Chris Olson issued a memo to CVAP on November 19. The memo told CVAP that "any political activity is prohibited while on duty or acting in an official capacity."

Oro Valley history dictates that when an Oro Valley volunteer is told to stay out of politics, it means all the time, not just when they are performing their volunteer duties or "in uniform".
In 2005, a member of the town's Development Review Board was removed from the Board after speaking out against the "Outrageous Giveaway" of sales tax revenues to Vestar, the then owner of the Oro Valley Marketplace. Another member of a commission, in a later year, was also removed after speaking out about a development issue. Both were removed even though they both spoke as private citizens and not while "on duty."
Prunty has been bashing members of council publicly since May, writing demeaning remarks about them, making unsubstantiated allegations, and spreading rumors.

Is this how the police department wants our town to view CVAP? To tell people that they are affiliated with the police department while they bash their bosses and spread rumors?

Prunty's writings and postings reflect poorly on the CVAP program because he is a member of it and a program leader. He is highly visible. 

We’d be more than embarrassed if we were in their shoes. We’d do something about it....