Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Top Five New Police Chief Focus Areas

It's a challenging job
The Town Of Oro Valley has provided a detailed discussion of the Police Chief position. The following are five key areas of importance.

Traffic safety
With our Biotech industry expanding and more homes being built, our population is increasing rapidly adding more traffic onto our roads. Caterpillar and Raytheon in Tucson are also bringing thousands more jobs to the area. This means that there will be more people moving to this very desirable locale adding thousands of vehicles to the traffic mix.

Roundabouts, somewhat new to this area, could also be a major concern for traffic safety along with increasing incidents of distracted driving.

Strong communication skill
The Police Chief manages 134 FTE’s (full-time equivalent positions) employed in one of five separate divisions to include Administration, Support Services, Field Services, Professional Development and Training, and Professional Standards. The ideal candidate will need to focus on rapidly changing norms in the workplace with special attention given to diversity training, managing sometimes contentious relations with the police union and constructive engagement with the community.

Execute the town's "Two Year Strategic Plan
The incoming chief will have to successfully embrace and execute the two-year strategic plan. This document, developed by the OVPD in 2019, encompasses the guiding principles for the department. The plan puts the focus on community policing, the appointment of a Community Advisory Committee and management of approximately 100 volunteers in the Citizens Volunteer Assistants Program.

Keep Oro Valley the “Safest Town in Arizona”
Opportunities will exist to maintain Oro Valley’s “Safest Town in Arizona” status by identifying ways the programs can continue to achieve traffic, residential, and business safety while close to the Tucson metropolitan area with notably higher crime.

Maintain a participative work environment
The OVPD Police chief is tasked to foster a participative work environment that cultivates staff training and development and ensures sound decision-making at all levels of the organization.
Source: We extracted portions of this posting from The Novak Group’s Oro Valley Police Chief posting. You can view the job specifications for the Police Chief position here.