Monday, July 2, 2018

Another Opportunity to Meet the Town Council Challengers

Candidates Host Voter Registration Drives at Oro Valley Parks on July 4th

PRESS RELEASE:  In celebration of our country’s independence and right to elect a representative government, the candidates for Oro Valley Mayor and Town Council will be hosting voter registration drives at parks around Oro Valley.

Candidate Joe Winfield explained their reasons for doing this, stating that “Registering to vote, being informed about community issues, and voting for the best qualified candidates are the responsibility of good citizenship.” Joyce Jones-Ivey elaborated further: “We want to listen to and respond to the citizens of Oro Valley, not special interests. We want to represent the people, including new residents that have not yet registered to vote.”

Winfield and Town Council candidates Melanie Barrett, Josh Nicolson, and Joyce Jones-Ivey will spend the morning of the 4th of July at Riverfront park talking to community members and encouraging voter registration. Later in the evening, they will host a booth with registration materials during the 4th of July event at Naranja Park.

The slate of candidates will also hold an informational meeting on July 9th at 6:30 pm at the Community Center.

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