Friday, June 29, 2018

Lap Of Luxury

The El Conquistador Country Club, now the Town Of Oro Valley Country Club, has been nothing more than a "money pit" for the Town Of Oro Valley. Now the town plans to issue a $6 million bond to pay for "improvements" in this giant money sucking adventure.

While we the taxpayers of Oro Valley pay for this misadventure, the perpetrator of this, developer Humberto Lopez, gets to enjoy ownership of the Tucson El Conquistador resort, whose visitors get preferential tee times and "round costs" for using what is now our course.

What a deal for Lopez. No wonder he is the number one campaign contributor of the Majority-4.

And while we Oro Valley taxpayers pay for this, Lopez lives in the "lap of luxtury" at Casa Lopez [Yes. That is the name of the place] in Tucson. Seems ironic that we taxpayers really wind up paying for Lopez's lifestyle.

We present Casa Lopez for your viewing pleasure: