Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Reality Is: "Golf Courses Are Closing"

Greg Hanson is a noted sports reporter for the Arizona Daily Star. He writes about many sports. We know, from reading his articles over many years, that Golf is one of his favorites. This past Sunday, Hansen observed, as he has many times, that the sport of golf is simply in decline.

What follows is the entirety of his comment regarding what is the demise of yet another golf course. Greg asks, at the end of the article, "who's next?"

Our fondest desire is that it would be the Town Of Oro Valley Country Club, a facility that benefits very few at a high cost of the many.

Read Greg's article. Then, ponder what is best for you. For example, would you be better served if the land were converted to a beautiful linear park for all to use?  Then consider: How can you can get your message to the "Rock Solid Seven" who currently comprise the Oro Valley Town Council?

Source: Arizona Daily Star