Monday, February 6, 2017

Reliable Sources Tell Us...

Employees at the El Con Hotel have been instructed never to charge Mr. Lopez (Humberto Lopez/HSL Properties) for his meals (after all he owns the hotel). The problem is that Mr. Lopez has been seen on more than one occasion dining and drinking with Mayor Hiremath and no bill has been presented to the mayor for his portion of the check. We wonder if the mayor is aware of the State Law prohibiting receiving gifts in excess of $25.00? Has the mayor broken the Law?
Recently there was a meeting with senior staff personnel and a businessman who has expressed an interest in leasing the entire Food & Beverage portion of the Community Center. This would include the Overlook Restaurant and the golf course beverage carts. This businessman initially contacted Mayor Hiremath with his proposal but the mayor (Mr. Civility) never even gave him the courtesy of a response. Town “insiders” suggested that he circumvent the mayor and contact the town manager, the finance director, and the head of Parks and Recreation. Initial reports are that the meeting was very productive with the senior staff showing an interest in the proposal.