Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Behind The Scenes

The Town is now looking to install a traffic light at the entrance to the Community Center. Is this really necessary? Back when Sheraton and then the Hilton owned this building, they had over 400 members and no need for a traffic signal. Yet somehow, with less than 250 members, we suddenly need a traffic signal at this intersection?

In the absence of any functional need for a traffic light, this appears to be a ploy by the Town to drum up more business for this failing enterprise. Perhaps the Town’s supposition is that drivers waiting at a light will more readily observe the Community Center/Golf/Restaurant sign and they might take an interest.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation website, “It costs the taxpayer $250,000 to $500,000 to purchase and install a traffic signal. Electric bills and routine maintenance amount to about $8000 a year.”

Do we really need to place this additional burden on the Oro Valley taxpayer? How much more money are we going to keep pouring into this white elephant? If the addition of a traffic light doesn't lead to an increased interest, what other costly scheme will they come up with?