Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Solomon's Lies

We thought you might enjoy reading council candidate Steve Solomon's August 7 posting on his Facebook Page.

His assertions have nothing to do with reality.

Then again, we suspect that his 4 year absence from council, a time in which he did absolutely nothing for our community in any capacity, would cause him to either make stuff up or learn "sound bites" from those who "whisper in his ear."

So we will set the record straight:

  • The recall was about ridding the community of special interest control of Oro Valley.
  • The recall supporters did not say anything about shuttering the community center
  • The financial facts about Golf brought forth by Council Member Zinkin always include an analysis of revenues. It is revenues that lag so badly that losses have grown. It is not expenses.
  • The incumbents do not fight against development. In fact, Council Member Zinkin works closely with developers and the community to bring reasonable, savvy compromise to worthy development efforts.
Perhaps Solomon would have his facts correct if he actually had been involved in our community during the past 4 years.