Thursday, August 25, 2016

Guest View-Phil Richardson: Stop the Tax Hemorrhage in Oro Valley

The Mayor and Council Majority of Oro Valley are running three candidates in the present mail-in ballot, in order to pack the Council with a Supermajority so they can keep wasting millions of dollars on the El Conquistador (Once Hilton) golf course, restaurant, pool and tennis courts.

The present Council Majority has already wasted over $863,000 of contingency (rainy day) funds and $2-million of new sales tax money in fiscal year 2015/2016, with restaurant losses over $265,000—with much more to come with the required capital improvements for the community center building and the golf courses. 

Why did the new owner want to divest himself of this Albatross?  (For the same reason that Hilton did: It's a black hole for money.) 

Three minority members of the Council, now running for re-election pleaded for a due-diligence audit, but Humberto S. Lopez, the owner-to-be at the time, allegedly told the Mayor that he already had two buyers and that Oro Valley better act fast. Contrary to the input from the vast majority of the citizens, the Mayor and his minions voted to purchase what can now be renamed "The Titanic."

I'm not going to mention the names of the stalking horse candidates promoted by the Mayor and Council Majority, but if you learn the facts, you'll keep Burns, Garner and Zinkin (Your Watchdogs) on the Council—or pay a terrible price—forever.

If you still have the mail-in ballot, please mark it up and mail it in ASAP.  If you do not vote by mail, go to the polls in Oro Valley on AUGUST 30 and vote for BURNS, GARNER AND ZINKIN, or prepare to pay more taxes that will be necessary to cover the runaway loses on the El Con Albatross, forever.

Oro Valley is not going to declare bankruptcy. They will just increase fees, licenses and taxes.

I don't want to say, "I told you so."

Phil Richardson

Oro Valley Resident

--- About Phil Richardson
Phil is a long time Oro Valley resident. His professional background is in media, including both publishing and radio. We "cut our teeth" on Phil's "Oro Valley Watch Dog", which preceded LOVE.