Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Guest View-Patti Clemente: Save Our Police and SRO

I have been a resident of Oro Valley for 14 years. My husband and I raised our two children here after retiring from law enforcement. Recently I observed political signs erected by Steve Solomon with wording “Save Our Police and SRO” [School Resource Officer]. I’m confused as to why Mr. Solomon feels it’s necessary to highlight such sentiments. I don’t believe our Oro Valley PD needs to be saved. They do a great job for our community and are respected and appreciated.

The current counsel, including the 3 members up for re-election, just voted to add an SRO to Pusch Ridge Academy as reported by the "Explorer."  I have attended various meetings through the years and have never once heard any discussion by any council member which would lead me to believe our Oro Valley Police Department was in jeopardy and needed to be “saved”.

Yes, we all know Mr. Zinkin has always questioned why the Oro Valley Police Department, the largest receiver of tax payer money, is not subject to an audit as other city agencies are, but he has never pushed to shut down our SRO’s or Police Department. This subject came up in the re-call last year when Ryan Hartung was accused, incorrectly, of being against the Oro Valley Police Department. He emphatically denied any truth to those rumors. So I have to wonder: Is Mr. Solomon jumping in with the usual allies of the Mayor initiating accusations and fear? Is he using the current events and attacks on our national law enforcement agencies as a political ploy to get elected?

Whatever his reason I am appalled he is using law enforcement as a pawn in his election bid. I am a retired Sergeant of the NYPD with 20 years’ experience, married to a retired Sergeant of the NYPD with 21 years’ experience. My brother is a retired NYPD Sergeant with 25 years and his wife is a retired 1st grade Detective. Lastly I am the proud daughter of an NYPD Lieutenant retired with 30 plus years.

Yes, I have a right to feel offended by politicians who use us for their gains and fear mongering.

Patti Clemente
Oro Valley Resident
This article was submitted directly to LOVE by Patti. It also appeared several weeks previously in the local advertising circular. We think that Patti's words provide a unique perspective on the character of those who try to use fear to sway an election.