Friday, July 15, 2016

It's "Solomon" not "Soloman"

Campaign signs are now appearing in our community. Really not what we need after years of continuous Oro Valley elections. Just more blight to clutter our beautiful community.

Can you identify what's wrong with this  campaign sign?

Check the spelling of the names.


One name is misspelled on the candidate's own sign.

It's not like the correct spelling is hard to figure out. After all, the misspelled name is of biblical proportions. Once he was King.

We asked Don Cox, chairman of the Triple E PAC what happened.

"These are not Triple E-PAC signs. I'm kind of surprised that any [of those sign's] are out there. The error was caught pretty early.

Obviously the person/s responsible for proofing them were asleep at the wheel.

However, I thought it was a great ploy to insure that folks didn't think these three were running as a slate........SOLO MAN!!"


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