Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Guest View-Don Bristow: Power Elite/Donor Class and Campaign Finances (Part 2)

Monday, I wrote about how Oro Valley's "Donor Class" has taken over Oro Valley politics. Yesterday, I wrote about "contributions" to Oro Valley's political campaigns by these donors.

For the Donor Class to receive benefit, their political allies have to retain power. This is accomplished through assuring donations to the Majority-4 that give them the capability to overwhelmingly outspend their opponents.  

Today, let's focus on candidate spending because...

Spending brought control of Oro Valley Government to the Donor Class
State Statute prohibits their supporting PAC, Triple E PAC, from combining or coordinating spending with candidates. However, the spending by this PAC was to support the re-election of The Majority-4. The recall campaign expenses reported by the Majority-4 and Triple E PAC are summarized in this table.

The majority of Majority-4 expense funds, $69,958 (74%), went to a political strategy consulting firm, Saguaro Strategies, in Phoenix.  The combined expenses of Didio, Hartung, Lamonna, and Straney, including the AGN PAC, was $26,278.

In our small town of Oro Valley, why was it necessary for the incumbents to spend over $100,000 to only eke out a win in the 2015 recall election?  Why was it necessary for them to use a Phoenix political strategy consulting firm?  What happened to Shop Oro Valley?

Behind the scenes, the power elites are rewarded.  The funds spent on parks and other residents’ amenities distract the residents as to what is really happening in their Town.  

If it isn’t in their backyard, residents don’t care and don’t know about the total actions of the Majority-4.  It’s time to be concerned about all of the Town of Oro Valley.  If you haven't already been impacted, your backyard will be next.

The Majority-4 and the Triple E PAC are supporting the three candidates running against the incumbents in the 2016 Oro Valley Council Elections.

Visit the websites of Councilmembers Burns, Garner, and Zinkin to learn about these candidates for Town Council. They are your only choices to prevent the Donor Class and Power Elite from achieving absolute control of Oro Valley.  

Don Bristow
Oro Valley Resident

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