Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guest View-Sara Wright: Show Us The Money

Thanks to the Majority-4, (Mayor Hiremath, Vice Mayor Waters, Councilmembers Hornat and Snider) Oro Valley is bleeding money at a rate it can’t possibly sustain long term. I don’t know about you, but I’m only 35. My children are in early elementary school. I plan to stay in Oro Valley to raise my family, but at the rate we’re going, the Town is going to go bankrupt … or institute a property tax … before my kids hit middle school.

And the worst part? That’s our money!

The Majority-4 has already raised taxes. They have pilfered millions of dollars from the contingency fund to subsidize a golf course the voters didn’t want, a restaurant that competes with local business owners, and to purchase a money pit of a community center that is practically falling down … to the tune of $7,667,000 and counting.

That breaks down to about $747 per family of four.

That money is ours.

It was supposed to go to the police to keep our community safe, improving our parks, and enhancing the Oro Valley Aquatic Center, and restoring the historic Steampump Ranch. No way did we get our money’s worth.

What could your family do with an extra $747 this year?

  1. Make a splash. You could pay for a membership for a family of six at the Oro Valley Aquatic Center for the next year.
  2. Baby them. You could buy 2,731 Pampers Newborn Swaddlers. So … about 3 months’ worth.
  3. Eat local! Your family of four could order a large pizza at ZPizza 30 times. Or pour an average of 1,494 ounces of beer. Whichever.
  4. Summer fun. You could send 2 of your children to Oro Valley Heat Camp for 3 weeks … and have enough left over to get 4 pedicures.
  5. Give back. You could provide 100 meals for Oro Valley seniors who use Meals on Wheels. 
  6. Need a staycation? Your family could stay at the Hilton El Conquistador for 4-5 nights.
  7. Fill ‘er up. If you have a 15-gallon gas tank, you could fill up every week for almost six months.
  8. Cool off. You could buy 3,931 Otter Pops.
  9. Stock up. You could buy 700+ toys at Dollar Tree that your children can’t possibly live without. Consider shopping ahead for stocking stuffers and Easter baskets … until your children graduate from college.
  10. Get a jump on back-to-school shopping. You can buy one three-ring binder for both of your children. Then you can buy one for 370 of their classmates.

What would you choose? Braces? The air conditioner bill? Sports physicals? Your mortgage? Health insurance? Groceries? A gym membership? Dance? Karate? Soccer? Baseball? Gymnastics? Piano lessons?

What I bet you wouldn’t choose … to go out to your backyard fire pit and light $747 dollars on fire. And yet, that’s exactly what the Majority-4 has done with our money.

The candidates running against the incumbents are the Majority-4's lapdogs, ready to do their bidding … which includes continuing to throw away our hard-earned money.

Re-electing Mike Zinkin, Brendan Burns, and Bill Garner is the only shot we have at fiscal responsibility … and maybe getting to splurge on something for our families with the money we save.

Sara Wright
Oro Valley Resident
Sara Wright is a life-long resident of Oro Valley. She is a mother of two children, age 6 and 8, who attend Basis Oro Valley Primary. She is currently a second-year student at the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona. Previously, she spent a decade in television news, with much of her career spent at KGUN 9 On Your Side. She actively volunteers with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, Pima County Teen Court, and the Volunteer Lawyer’s Program through Southern Arizona Legal Aid.