Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guest View-John Spitler: “Play it Again Sam”

Some songs are lasting and just never go away.

I think of the Song and Dance that the folks of Oro Valley have been getting all too often and especially now that there is an election brewing. 

How do the words go?

[referring to the community center]…. (Wait till) ”Next year the forecast calls for roughly $2.1 million in revenues and $1.9 million for expenses, which would leave the fund balance in the positive by roughly $200,000.” Now doesn’t that chorus have a familiar refrain? We have heard this one regularly - kind of a catchy number that one quickly starts to hum…. Hummmmmm!

Right you are, we all have heard it played for us over and over.

Oh, another tune that is played very quietly and softly is – ‘We better make the books look good or we might all be out of a job, tra-la tra-la’.

Well, with all that discord, I like the “Three Amigos”[Burns, Garner and Zinkin]. They are playing the kind of music I like to hear. Yet, I am looking for a new tune, but I might have to wait till the Fab Four are up for some new gig!

John Spitler
Oro Valley Resident