Monday, November 2, 2015

Guest View-Diane Peters: The Incumbents' Websites Tell Us What They Really Think Of The El Conquistador Country Club and Resort Purchase

Seeing Through the Smokescreen
If the El Con purchase was such a great deal, why aren’t the incumbents highlighting it as a major accomplishment on their campaign websites? This is another indicator of their “information repackaging.” They simply ignore the parts that do not fit into their false narrative of “Look at all the wonderful things we’ve done for you!”

Hiremath’s Website ~ Sleight of Hand
Hiremath’s website mentions the El Con purchase only to claim that it wasn’t a backroom deal and to claim that “public input was gathered.” In addition, his website initially stated that “…we provided three hearings for the public to express a variety of views pertaining to the acquisition of the El Conquistador Country Club and the half cent sales tax…”

I asked him to provide the dates/times/places of these supposed three public hearings. He never responded. Instead…abracadabra…he altered the wording on his website to say, “everything was discussed in an open public forum.”

Hornat’s Website ~ Golf courses? What Golf Courses?
Hornat states only that he “Approved purchase for new community and recreation center.” While he gets points for admitting that he approved the purchase, he lists it as the very last item at the bottom of the page and he omits any mention of the golf courses.

Waters’ Website ~ Have I told you about my career at CNN?
Waters doesn’t mention the El Con purchase at all. The big crowned jewel in his five years on council and he neglects to mention it.

Instead he talks about his career at CNN. Apparently that’s all he can talk about since he finds a way to work it into every conversation. (“Do you know who I am? I’m a world-renowned journalist!”) He has opened with his CNN story at every candidate debate (going back to his first run for council in 2010.) He mentioned it again during the Special Meeting last week to vote on a hand-count audit. He compared the current election integrity issue to the “good old days” when he was at CNN and he covered the story on the “hanging chads.”

Snider’s Website ~ It’s a Freudian thing
Snider’s website is the most revealing of all. While discussing her other accomplishments, she proudly speaks in the first-person with, “I established…I supported…I instituted…I resisted…” But when she gets to the El Con purchase, she ditches the first-person singular and speaks in the narrative, simply stating the sequence of events.

She states that a former country club is being renovated into a community and recreation center and that a half-cent sales tax was instituted to fund the renovations and operating expenses. Notice how she omits that she voted to approve both the deal and the sales tax increase. What happened to her first-person, “I supported…” Perhaps she’s trying to distance herself from the deal now that the actual golf revenues and losses are nowhere near the rosy projections.
Diane Peters has lived in Oro Valley since 2003, moving here to escape the humidity of the East Coast.  Combining her love of animals and writing, she wrote her first protest letter at the age of 12 to the Canadian Prime Minister in support of ending the annual baby harp seal hunt.  Years later, she flew by helicopter to the ice floes off the coast of Newfoundland where she was able to pet baby harp seals recently born on the frozen tundra.  Her other interests include reading, nature photography, traveling to National Parks, Native American history, art galleries, museums, and following politics.  In her past life, she worked in medical research at various University Hospitals in New England, including coordinating Oncology Clinical Trials and preparing manuscripts for publication in medical journals.  Her husband is an Army veteran who served in Germany and South Korea.  A former hippie, he attended the 1969 Woodstock Festival in Upstate New York. 

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