Thursday, August 20, 2015

LOVE Needs Your Help

As many of you know, LOVE has been a successful local blog for many years and have amassed a significant group of followers. Though we do have Heathers Corner on Tuesdays and occasional pieces from intermittent contributors, we are looking to expand to offer a more well-rounded approach to providing our readers with as much information as possible. In order to do so we need your help!

Currently we would like to open up Thursdays to all of you who have something to say. This could be a letter you would like us to publish, a special picture or story you'd like to share about Oro Valley, or anything else on your mind. Please keep in mind if we do publish your contribution, our rules established for leaving comments apply to your contributions as well.

We are also looking for more permanent contributors as well. Currently we are seeking anyone interested in:
  • tech support
And those interested in writing pieces, this could mean anywhere from once a month or more frequent based on your preference, on these subjects to name a few:
  • Goings On in Oro Valley
  • Nature/Environment
  • History
  • RealEstate
  • Businesses
If you are interested in contributing and helping LOVE expand please contact us for more details. We look forward to hearing from you!!

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