Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Both Sides Mounting Efforts On Pima County Bonds

There are 2 groups of which we know that are actively involved in the Pima County Bond Election. One "Yes on Pima County Bonds" is for the bond issue. The other, "Taxpayers Against Pima County Bonds" is against. They also have a second web site of Pima Bond Facts.

Business and government special interests support the bonds
The group for the bond election is comprised of those businesses and government entities that will get direct benefit from these bond funds. For example, they have the endorsement of the Arizona Transportation Builders Association. It's members will benefit greatly from the contracts that will result from these bonds. Other supporters include Banner Health, Campus Research Corporation, Tucson Medical Center and Diamond Ventures, Inc. None of these groups represent the taxpayer. Other supporters include Western Parks Association and workmen's comp company Copperpoint Insurance. (Source) They all get something if you approve these bonds.

You can read more about their support for the bonds here. You can read more about the concerns of some of those enterprises who benefit form the bonds here.

Little guys against these bonds
In contrast, the taxpayers who will have to pay for the Bonds are the ones against these bonds. As of July 19, that group raised about $4,000, a small sum.

This group asks:  "If big business likes these 99 Bond projects so much why are they not funding them themselves? Are these businesses making money from any of the Bond projects they are supporting? Business taxes will skyrocket from these 7 Bonds, will these businesses be paying those taxes?"

Are Pima's bonds a bad deal for Oro Valley property owners?
Last February, we presented an analysis of how bonding disproportionately impacts the pocketbooks of Oro Valley property owners. In that posting, we factually supported the position that residents of "wealthier" communities such as Oro Valley (and the Foothills) subsidize projects for other county communities, paying almost twice what they could if they financed the projects ourselves. In return, this time around, Oro Valley would get $10million for Naranja Park and $15million for a business accelerator.

In April, Oro Valley's representative to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Ally Miller, expressed her view of the bond package. Essentially, she sees it as a bad deal all around and a bad deal for Oro Valley property owners.

You will make the choice on November 3.

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