Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hornat, Snider and Waters To Face Recall Election

Oro Valley Council Members Joe Hornat, Mary Snider, and Lou Waters will face November 3 recall election.

The petitions, submitted in May, were reviewed by the Oro Valley Town Clerk and then submitted to the The Pima County. The county verified that the number of signatures to support a recall election were far greater than the threshold required:
  • Joe Hornat 2,889 
  • Mary Snider 2,887 
  •  Lou Waters 2,895
The three council members will have the option of resigning within 5 days of receiving official notice of recall, which should happen shortly, or face the November election. They will be afforded the opportunity of providing a statement for them to include on the ballot.

We know of 2 individuals who have decided to run council in this election. We know of a third who is considering it. We can tell you that they are all knowledgeable residents who are ready to put forth the effort to represent the people.

LOVE will present more on this at events develop.

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