Friday, June 5, 2015

Bits and Pieces

The Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center gets off to a quick start

"Oro Valley, Arizona (June 3, 2015) - Since its grand opening on May 2, 2015, the new Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center has been booming with activity. The month of May was promoted as membership month, during which time, registration fees were waived. 176 new memberships were sold (for a total of 424 people, as part of family passes). The Town had estimated that in its first year of operation, 200 memberships would be sold-or approximately 17 per month. To have nearly met the annual membership goal in its first month of operation is confirmation that an important need is now being met in our community." (Source: Town Of Oro Valley Press Release)

Beware of Bees and Other Critters

Wednesday, an Oro Valley senior received more than 2,000 bee stings. A hive had located itself in his back shed. (Article) He received 600 stings on his head alone. The sad even reminds us all how important it is to be so very careful outdoors. If its not bees, its rattlesnakes. Their bodies blend in beautifully under our shrubs and bushes. Please so keep your head down and your eyes and ears open. Be safe out there.

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