Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Could Tennis Be A Hidden Gem In The El Conquistador Country Club Purchase

Oro Valley's purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club gives the town an opportunity to make Oro Valley a tennis destination in Southern Arizona.

Unlike the sport of golf, the sport of tennis offers a quick way to get intensive exercise. Is is played by all ages. It doesn't cost much. And it can be fun for the whole family.  It is a sport that is more 4 times more popular than golf. The US is ranked 8th among nations in terms of tennis popularity.

Could tennis be the hidden gem in the El Conquistador Country Club purchase?

Is there an opportunity for Oro Valley to build on a sport where where there has been no previous  resident interest. If so, then...

How will Oro Valley build this opportunity?

According to Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Director Kristy Diaz-Trahan:

How many courts did Oro Valley acquire?
31 lighted courts (15 at La CaƱada and 16 at Oracle)

Our understanding is that these courts for recently refurbished. Are we correct?
The 16 courts at the Oracle location were refurbished with post-tension slab concrete and voted best courts in 2012 by USTA.

Does the town plan to use these courts as a vehicle for bringing tourism town? If so, how?
Yes—through tournament play, USTA promotions, and working closely with Visit Tucson. 

Does the town plan to run tennis clinics?
Tennis clinics, classes, coaching, club team plan, tournaments will be managed by the Troon staff (who are the current tennis instructors). 

Does the town plan to run tennis tournaments?
There will be tennis tournaments; however, those events will be managed by either a tournament director (USTA for example), or by Troon tennis staff.

Is a town plan to work with outside agencies such as the Tucson Racquet Club or the University of Arizona to promote tennis?
Yes, we will work with regional partners (as well as USTA) to develop more tennis players and to encourage those who already play to play more often. 

Does the town have plans to work with local or national tennis associations to bring national tournaments here?
Yes, we plan to build on the success of the current tennis programming by working closely with Visit Tucson to secure economically-beneficial tournaments to Oro Valley.

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