Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Caton Considers Leaving Oro Valley Post

Town Manager Greg Caton is one of five candidates for City Manager  of Golden Co. (Source: Denver Post. Secondary source: The Arizona Daily Independent)  Golden's population is a bit over 18,000.

It is our understanding that Caton seeking a position in Colorado may be for personal reasons. We understand that his young child lives in Colorado and a job in Golden would give him better access. In our world, family trumps a job anytime!

It would be best for Oro Valley for Mr. Caton to remain. He has led Oro Valley through a great deal of change during his 3 plus years as town manager. There are many actions that he initiated that need his continued guidance.

This year's record budget, for example, includes extensive spending to refurbish the Oro Valley Community Center. It also includes supporting $2 million in planned losses from the operation of the golf courses. It is his projections upon which council relied regarding the 2019 breakeven for the golf course. As we wrote Monday, achieving this breakeven is critical. Meanwhile, significant spending to upgrade the golf courses begins next year.

He has lead other changes such as the creation of the town's self-insured health insurance, a program that will most certainly grow in cost as more claims are filed over time. He led the creation of the town's medical clinic for town employees. He led the increase in town staff compensation levels of town staff in the hopes of keeping staff turnover low. Who knows how these initiatives will turn out without his guidance?

If Town Manager Caton doesn't get that job, it would be best for the residents of Oro Valley for him to stay to complete the path upon which he has led us.

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