Friday, February 13, 2015

Timetable For El Conquistador Country Club Purchase Appeal Set

The timetable for the Appellate Court appeal of the case of Arrett et. al v. Oro Valley regarding the purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club is set.

The issue under appeal is not whether the two acted within the law. That basis of the appeal is whether a mere clerical error in using a clerk's filing number should be the basis for disallowing an Arizona Constitution right for this voter referendum.

  • February 13: TOOTHINOV.ORG request for a stay of purchase
  • February 18: Oro Valley response to stay request
  • February 20: TOOTHINOV.ORG Opening Brief
  • February 27: Oro Valley Brief response
  • March 3: TOOTHINOV.ORG Reply Brief
  • March 4: Oral arguments before the Court at 3pm
Oro Valley plans to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club from HSL properties on March 5.

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