Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guest View-Art Segal: "Recall Them All"

We The People Have Only One Option: Recall Hiremath, Hornat, Snider and Waters

One thing is crystal clear. In my 22 years as a resident of Oro Valley, there may have been one short period of time when we had a Town Council where the majority were concerned with not the Special Interests, but the people of this community.

Now we have a majority, lead by a mayor who is so egotistical, so arrogant, and so narcissistic that anyone that disagrees with him will suffer the “wrath of hell.” With three council members that act like nothing other than sheep following him, we, the people will continue to suffer unless action is taken.

Throughout the last two decades, I have witnessed two things consistently. The first has been actions taken by a council majority that had a negative impact on our everyday lives.

The second thing has been voter apathy. For the most part, Developers received whatever variances they required, and only those citizens that were impacted stood up and complained. When more than 700 apartments were constructed on Oracle road, mainly those in the area took a stand. When a tax on our water, electric and gas bills that should have expired years ago, and instead were doubled, hardly anyone complained.

The list goes on and on.

Now, regardless of the final outcome, these four-----Hiremath and his 3 cronies, Hornat, Snider and Waters have determined it is in our best interests to buy a decades old country club along with 45 holes of golf courses that will require millions of dollars to renovate and keep up. All this was done with practically no due diligence whatsoever, that will impose an additional sales tax on all our taxable purchases.

(Unintended consequence: Would anyone be surprised if our sales tax revenue decreases as a result of this tax increase, as folks will go outside of Oro Valley to save money?)

And because of a minor clerical error by the hard working group that generated many more signatures than required to allow the people to vote on this horrible purchase, all we get is a mayor that “sits on his throne and gloats.”

There is one main difference today than in the past. Today, these four have managed to “screw” not just a small segment of our community, but the whole community. From the folks in Rancho Vistoso, who have their own country club and golf courses, to the folks in and around the southern end of Oro Valley, who probably wouldn’t even know the way to La Canada and Naranja, there is only one way to end this madness.

I expect we’ll have four citizen centric candidates willing and able to serve their constituents, and we have no other choice but to RECALL HIREMATH, HORNAT, SNIDER and WATERS.

How refreshing will it be to finally Let Oro Valley Excel!
Art Segal is a long time resident of Oro Valley. He is also the cofounder of Let Oro Valley Excel. Art has worked tirelessly for our community for many years. We always welcome his comments and his wisdom.

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