Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oro Valley Town Council Considers Police Budget Items and More Tonight

Tonight, the Oro Valley Town Council will consider a variety of items.  Here's what's up:
  • Election of a Vice Mayor
  • Appointment or reappointment of members of various boards and commissions
  • A notice of intent to increase your water rates
  • Presentation of result of the external audit of last year's financial results
More intriguing are the following two items:

One is a discussion of certain items concerning the police budget. According to Council Member Mike Zinkin this item was put on the agenda at the recommendation of town manager Caton based on requests for information that Zinkin and Council Member Garner had made regarding the police budget.  Zinkin asserts they they have identified almost $500,000 in savings that could be achieved with no change in public safety.

The other item of interest is a discussion and possible direction on the acquisition of real property.  The property of interest is not identified in meeting materials.  Rumor has it, and it is purely that, that the acquisition has to do with an Oro Valley Community Center.

More to follow on all items tomorrow

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