Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oro Valley Considers Acquiring Golf Course/Community Center

The Town Of Oro Valley is considering acquiring the Hilton El Conquistador Golf Course.  The  current plan is to operate the golf course and to acquire tennis and other facilities such that the town can have a community center.

 The property includes:
  •  A 31,475 ft.² building (LaCanada) with a full service restaurant
  •  A 5600 ft.² building (Hilton Location)
  •  324 acres of land
  •  3 golf courses with at total of 45 holes
  •  31 lighted tennis courts
  •  2 heated swimming pools
The plan is to use the property as a  Community and Recreation center.    It will have meeting rooms and social gathering areas as well as a recreation and wellness Center.

The acquisition cost is $1 million.   The property will be  acquired from HSL Properties.  HSL is in discussion to purchase the El Conquistador resort and golf courses.  

The town will need to raise the sales tax by 1/2% in order to pay for the operations of facility.  This additional sales tax will be held in a separate fund to pay for facility operations.  The facility is not expected to become profitable until 2018.  This after the town has made significant investment in the property.

The town will consider acquiring the property and raising the sales tax at its meeting on December 17.       A simple majority of council is required for passage.

It does not appear that the public will be given time to independently consider if this investment is good for the community.  There is no requirement for a public hearing.  In addition, Mayor Hiremath believes that this is an opportunity that will disappear if it is not consummated quickly.  It was also stated the meeting by Council Member Hornat that  the public will have many different opinions but that  decision needs to made at the Council level.

For more information on last night's discussion read:

  • Becky Pallack's report in the Arizona Daily Star.
  • Visit the Oro Valley web page where you can find information on this project as well as the PowerPoint that was presented at last night’s Council meeting.


Richard Furash, MBA said...

1) The town should NOT buy this property without the consent of those paying for it! Let US vote on it. 2) Why buy it from HSL? Why not buy from who he's buying it from?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Secrecy is the sister of corruption. Where have the open meetings discussions and public hearings been? Why is the council even considering buying a pig in a poke, even for a pittance? What is the town's interest in buying a failing business with immense overhead in a failing industry? What will the owners of Vistoso, Stone Canyon, Oro Valley CC, and Sun City (Views) want? If it is a good deal now, it will still be a good deal after the antiseptic effect of sunshine and public scrutiny.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

As I understand this:
1. This has been in discussion for months without public input
2. HSL "bought" the election of the majority four with his large donations to their campaigns
3. HSL let the

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Resident Roy Varner sent us a copy of the email he sent to the Council: "adies & Gentlemen of the Council;

Bravo - Bravo – Bravo

Your decision to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club is one of the best initiatives you have developed during my residence in Oro Valley. I strongly applaud and support this decision.

This purchase comes with already developed facilities that can immediately service the vastly underserved senior resident population of the community and if operated smartly and marketed aggressively could easily become a destination resort with associated revenue draw for the town. I am currently aware of several municipal owned golf, tennis, and recreation complexes that do very well financially, without the need to be a profit center for investors, and provide reasonably priced service to their communities.

Again my Kudo’s to you and the town staff for this initiative.


PS: My indorsement does not include utilizing the golf courses for other development."

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Just curious, IF this goes through, what are the chances of getting a PGA event to replace the one Marana lost?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Tucsonans' post is awarded the POST OF THE DAY AWARD
"Secrecy is the sister of corruption" Well said!

When/if the Golf Course fails, we will be left holding the bag, and Mr. Lopez will be running his next scam. (example: the TCC Hotel space)

OV has the best government that money can buy, and at quite a return on investment. I am embarrassed that the graft (donations) is such a small amount of money.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Regarding the PGA: Slim to none.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Great questions!

Richard Furash, MBA said...

. . . and why would OV do business with this scumbag, Lopez, anyway? He has a terrible track record.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

News Note: AZ Daily Star: Tucson Golf Courses lose +600K $ last year!!