Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3 Ways To Get Involved In Oro Valley

Oro Valley is a community of active and involved residents.  Being involved gives you the opportunity to shape are community is many ways.   If you've got the interest and the time, Oro Valley has the opportunity.  Here are 3 from al list we were provided by town communications director Misti Nowak.

The Oro Valley Historical Society

The goal of the historical society is to preserve Oro Valley's heritage for future generations.   Their mission si to "promote research preservation, education and gathering of historical information."  They are a non profit organization, offering lots of fun this in which to be involved.

In fact, this Friday they are hosting their annual "Boots and Spurs" fundraiser at the the El Conquistador resort.   It is from 5PM to 10PM.  Cocktails. Dinner. Auction. Music. Why, it doesn't get better that that.  Learn more at their web site or contact

Oro Valley resident Bill Adler is a leading member of the historical society. "A person doesn't have to know anything about history or have an appreciation for history to support historic preservation. You don't have to be a wounded warrior to support wounded warriors or ever have visited a National Park to support their preservation. Once you find out a little about any of these subjects, it's easy to make a commitment."

Oro Valley Citizen Academy

Interested in public safety? "The Citizen Academy is a 36-hour block of instruction designed to give the public knowledge of the Oro Valley Police Department,"  The 12 once a week classes cover a variety of areas including communications,  community policing, criminal investigations and DUI investigations.

The program is free.  Click here to apply.

2015 Oro Valley General Plan update

There is nothing in which you could be involved that has more of a long term, town visioning impact than participating in the creation of the 2015 Oro Valley General Plan.  As a minimum, you should have signed up to receive email updates and to participate in the questions the planning committee has posted for citizen input.

The following are questions open for discussion right now:

  • Would you be in favor or using public funds to conserve our environment? 
  • What steps can we take to conserve our community’s natural resources and open spaces? 
  • From which community can we draw inspiration as we work to conserve our environment?
The planning team is using your responses as a gauge to directing the general plan update.

Have you signed up?

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