Friday, September 19, 2014

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Water Flows But Key Colorado Reservoirs Not Replenishing

Oro Valley receives water from the Colorado River Project.  Oro Valley uses this water to replenish its underground sources.  So, the Colorodo River Project is important to Oro Valley.  Many cities, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix, use this water as a major source.  We've previously reported as has major media that the two key reservoirs that provide this water to the project are moving toward critical levels.

Oro Valley Water's Phil Saletta reported to the water commission last week that, though the flows of water are strong the main reservoirs of the Colorado River, Lakes Mead and Powell, are not replenishing. They remain at 39% and 51% capacity, respeceively. It would take several years of strong "upper basin" flows to cause a significant increase in the levels of these critical reservoirs.
Oro Valley Most Wanted

Suspect Torey Reinhardt
"Oro Valley, AZ - (September 16, 2014) - Starting August 15, 2014, the Town of Oro Valley was struck by a serial criminal who entered into vehicles and stole items. Over 50 vehicles had items stolen from them.

The Oro Valley Police Department has investigated this case and has identified Torey Reinhardt as the suspect. Reinhardt is a 26-year old white male, 5'09" and 150 lbs. He is wanted for numerous counts of trafficking in stolen property and 3rd degree burglary.

If anyone knows Reinhardt's whereabouts you are asked to call 911, 88-crime or (520) 229-4900." (Source: Oro Valley Press Release)

Apparently suspect Reinhardt is not new to "crime." He was in possession of stolen police property in 2007 (source)
Like To Ride In An Oro Valley Bicycle Club?

Oro Valley Bicycle sponsors an Oro Valley bicycle club.  It's definitely for the younger set.

There are weekend "burner"rides as well as a requirement to participate in racing events.

If you're looking to be a member of a team and love riding then this is the place for you.

SAACA Sponsors 18th Annual Oro Valley Holiday Festival of the Arts

The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance is sponsoring its 18th Annual Oro Valley Holiday Festival of the Arts. The festival will be a the Oro Valley Marketplace. The dates are December 6 and 7.  The festival will feature up to 150 artists in all mediums, live music on the main stage, food vendors and family arts activities. Holiday performances will begin with the tree lighting ceremony the night before the festival. Click here for more information.
Some PIMA County Supervisors "Buy Votes" Using Your Money

We rarely post regarding the activities of the the Pima County Board of Supervisors. County Supervisors are using your tax money to make private donations.  As Supervisor Ally Miller noted, doing this is nothing more than "vote buying."  Shouldn't the county be using surplus money to fix their roads?  Want to learn more? Watch the hourly Supervisor discussion.  Tell us what you think.

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

Some PIMA County Supervisors "Buy Votes" Using Your Money

Have you opened up you county tax bill yet? Happy?

One big problem I see is that out of every tax dollar collected only a portion of the money is spent on the target problem. An example is the upcoming vote on a bond issue to fund the county animal shelter.

Most folks want a no-kill shelter. Most folks want to provide for abandoned pets.

Sadly, a good portion of the bond money will go for consultants (?), and other frills.

Supervisor Chuckleberry recently floated a tax increase proposal to help pay for road repair. Again, we would all like to see an improvement in county roads. However a review of the proposal indicates that on 50% of the money raised by this proposed tax increase would go to road repair. This rest would be spent on other issues.

I guess the is I don't mind paying taxes, but I would like the money to focus on the problem.