Monday, July 28, 2014

Guest View-Council Member Bill Garner: Straney and Bristow Are The Only Choice For Oro Valley

Thanks to the Citizens of Oro Valley, I am serving my second term on the Oro Valley Council. I have, up to now, tried to stay out of the pettiness that we have all witnessed. I have thought it inappropriate to openly campaign or endorse any candidate running for any Oro Valley office.

Although I truly believe that people who know me can probably quickly figure out where I stand on this year's race for Council and Mayor. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight, in case there is any doubt. It is very important that Pat Straney be elected Mayor and that Don Bristow be elected to council.

Our current Mayor has done nothing to bring this Council together. He has had many opportunities to show unity on the Council. Instead he has chosen to flex his muscle and be divisive. He does not share what he does when he is out representing the Oro Valley as a member of the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) or the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

Our current Mayor was at the forefront in the failed recall attempt. I have never seen a sitting member of an elected body actively participate in, let alone lead the recall of another sitting member of that body. He has divided our community. He should be replaced so that we can take this town forward.

Pat Straney is a man with a corporate background. He has supervised large numbers of people and been responsible for large budgets. He has shown his leadership skills as the President of the Rancho Vistoso Community HOA. He is a man of integrity, with all the leadership qualities, and is deserving of your support.

Don Bristow has also been active in his neighborhood HOA. He has been a fixture at Council meetings and many Planning and Zoning meetings. He has shown an active interest in our Community and deserves to be on Council. Don studies the agenda and has, on many occasions, contacted the Council prior to the meeting with his insight. Don is well versed in the Town's Codes and Council Procedures. He will "hit the road running".  He will be an outstanding council member.

This is an important election. We need to change the complexion of the Council. It is time I stepped out and publicly stated my support...and do so for Pat Straney and Don Bristow.


Richard Furash, MBA said...

"change the complexion" ??? I don't know Bill, so I will assume for now he's not a racist. But that's such a bad choice of metaphors since he's asking voters to elect Pat "Starney" over Mayor Hiremath.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Dislike is not a strong enough word to use for people who are divisive and continue to use the old playbook. Race has absolutely nothing to do with voting Hiremath out! Hiremath has had enough time to bring the community together, and he hasn't. Hiremath has caused division and strife between the city council. Enough already! Please, vote for change!

Richard Furash, MBA said...

I know Bill Garner as a worthy public servant who would never resort to the "race card" to make his point. While he does not need me to defend his character, I could not sit idle after reading notovdad's comment

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Richard Furash, MBA said...

You actually got my point unlike the other folks commenting, I suppose.

All I was trying to say was that "complexion" is an unfortunate choice of words here and any of VC's suggested alternatives would be preferable.