Friday, July 25, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Sun City Oro Valley Forum Has No "Shockers"

There were no "shockers" at this week's Sun City Oro Valley Forum.  8 questions were asked and answered.  Each candidate presented a 2-minute opening and a 2-minute closing remark.  We parsed the opening remarks into 6 clips, one for each candidate.  There is one clip in total for the closing remarks. And one clip for each question.  Watch some or all of the forum on the Zeeman Channel.

Could Unaccompanied Alien Children Be Coming To Live In Oro Valley?

It is possible that Oro Valley, like Oracle, will be required to house Unaccompanied Alien Children ("UAC")?

 One of our readers sent us this article: "New Obama Rule Could Force Cities To House Illegals." Oro Valley could be impacted because Oro Valley signed on to Pima County's request for HUD grants.

We suspect that the Obama Administration will tell Oro Valley that it needs to house the people because of this, even though Oro Valley never actually gets HUD funding, the town did sign an Intergovernmental Agreement ("IGA") with Pima County to do so.  The agreement was signed by town attorney Joe Andrews on 7-13-13 of last year.

On the positive side, housing UAC's would immediately fill the  occupancy of the 800 plus "luxury apartments" that are coming on stream soon.
Generous Oro Valley Residents, the ULS, help Vail Teacher

You will want to read this article about how an Oro Valley couple, Steve and Diane Uhl, are funding a Vail District school teacher's Arizona teaching license.  Their act is a generous response of kindness to a foolish State regulation.
How Lake Mead's Water Shortage Could Affect Oro Valley

We have extolled the excellent work done by the Town Of Oro Valley in water conservation.  We've discussed steps such as recharging CAP Water, golf course use of reclaimed water, and getting a free home water audit.  In May, Heather's Corner suggested ways that each of us can conserve water.  All have resulted in putting Oro Valley in a safe water quality and water quantity position.

Water use, however, is not entirely in Oro Valley's hands. Oro Valley is also at the mercy of cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas because Oro Valley does use CAP water to recharge its aquifer.

We have been following and reporting to you the steady decline of water levels in Lake Mead. It is now at 39% capacity.  Las Vegas is the primary user of Lake Mead water.  However, if Lake Mead gets lower, Las Vegas, a huge water hog, will draw from the entire CAP system.  This, together with other restrictions, will reduce Arizona's take from the system and, therefore, the take Oro Valley will get.

(Other information; Previous LOVE water postings)
Oro Valley Republicans Host: "Meet The Candidates" Forget To Invite Straney and Bristow

The Oro Valley Republican group held a "meet the candidates" session last week. They invited Oro Valley's Majority-4. They did not invite challengers Pat Straney or Don Bristow.  Mayor Hiremath was invited.  Candidate Waters said the Hiremath did not attend because he had a "dental emergency."  Visit the Zeeman Channel to watch Hornat, Snider and Waters' remarks.
Star Compares Straney-Hiremath Leadership Styles

This week, a article in the Star compared Pat Straneys' leadership style to that of Satish Hiremath.  It is easy to tell the leadership styles apart.  Straney guy listens. Hiremath lectures.  Straney unites. Hiremath takes up arms against a fellow council member. End of story.
Tucson Realtors Endorse Incumbents or "Be Still My Heart"

This week, The Tucson Realtors Association endorsed Oro Valley's incumbents. (Source)

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

Regarding the influx of children coming in from Central America, there are those who want to blame Obama for this, but he didn't set the stage for this to happen.

Google "The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008" and you will see that it was a law passed by George W. Bush right before he left office and it had full bipartisan support in Congress. It allows children from countries NOT bordering the US to stay in this country if they flee their country due to extremely violent situations. It allows them to be cared for and then either sent to live with a family member who is already in this country or be sent to foster care.

This is a humanitarian crisis and these children are refugees. This is not a case of illegals crossing the border.