Friday, October 18, 2013

Zinkin: "I Was Not Fired By The FAA"

Previously we posted regarding a recall attempt is currently in effect on council member Mike Zinkin.

We made that posting to inform our readers and not to enable it to become a vehicle for argument and innuendo. Thus, as with this posting, we did not allow or closed commenting when it became too vitriolic.

However, regardless of our best intentions, one of the bloggers, OVOT, alleged in writing that Mr. Zinkin had been fired by the FFA from his job as flight controller.

Mike has informed us that this is not the case. He provided us the following the Certificate Of Service that he received from the FAA in 1998.  According to this document, Zinkin retired after almost 30 years with the agency.  We are providing this to set the record straight.

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