Monday, February 4, 2013

What Is The "Rest Of The Story?"

Town Council will vote this Wednesday as a consent agenda item to appoint a new member to the Conceptual Design Review Board (DCRB).   This individual will fill the vacancy that was opened when the council voted 4-3 two weeks ago not to reappoinnt resident Gil Alexander.

The the appointee's name is Kelly Huber. She is an individual with arts management background.   We think she's lived in Oro Valley for about three years.   She has been a volunteer in the Oro Valley planning department and has attended the citizen' Community Academy.  You can read her application here.

This is likely the individual  that Council Member Waters said that  "they" were nurturing in order to provide diversification to the CDRB.   Waters said during the council meeting two weeks ago that there were simply too many engineers on the board.   What he was really saying, we think, is that "they" wanted to open a position for Ms. Huber.

We do not know the educational and professional background of every member of the board. Certainly, it is appropriate so someone with an arts background to be on CDRB.   In fact, it is one of the stated membership profiles for CDRB.

We wonder, though: "Was it really necessary for Mayor Hiremath and Vice Mayor orders to conjure up a reason to not appoint Gil Alexander?"   After all, people sit on a board at the pleasure of council. There is no guarantee that the council will reappoint an individual; and there is no reason that needs to be given for them not to do so.

Rather than simply doing that however the Mayor and Vice Mayor Waters alleged that Mr. Alexander had engaged in an unethical activity by speaking at Council meetings on CDRB related matters that might come before council.

Mr. Alexander, at the town Council meeting two weeks ago, proved that this had never been the case. When questioned by Council Member Bill Garner on what allegedly happened and why whatever  might have happened would be an ethical violation , the Mayor slammed the gavel and closed discussion of the matter.  The Mayor simply was not going to be questioned.   Actually, though,  there was no proof.  We have previously posted the video which clearly shows  the mayor's anger and his disrespect for Council Member Garner.

So, we ask again:  "Why smear the reputation of an individual simply to put someone else on the CDRB?"   It makes absolutely no sense.   What are we missing?   What is the "rest of the story?"


Victorian Cowgirl said...

The post says, "You can read her application here" but there is no link attached to it. Can you provide the link?

Also, do you know how many other people submitted an application for the open position?

Nombe Watanabe said...

If I were Kelly Huber, I would run away. Fast.

Why would anyone want to be associated with such skullduggery?

Ms. Huber is, most likely, an innocent bystander who is on the verge of making a mistake.

The mistake would be trusting the shadow government of the OV.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I realize that this is only a volunteer position, so perhaps this doesn't apply, but when I worked in Human Resources, one of the things we were taught to look out for when reviewing a resume was "length of time" spent on each job. Anyone who moved around a lot was considered risky. She's had 7 jobs in 11 years.

Listing jobs by years only and no months was also considered to be in 2001-2002 and then 2002-2003 and then 2004-2005. How long did each job actually last? One year, two years, or perhaps from late 2001 until early 2002, just 4 months? It's not clear.

She does have an interesting background, however.

She also gives a Tucson address yet says she's lived in Oro Valley for a year.

If this were a job interview, these are some of the questions I'd be asking.