Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Council Meeting Preview

Tonight's Oro Valley town Council meeting includes a six month update on town finances.

Some highlights from the report that is included in the posted town council meeting packet:
  • The General Fund is the fund into which sales tax and utility tax revenue comes and from which, spending on town operations flows. "The financial condition in the General Fund has improved significantly over the past several fiscal years. This is due in part to a recovering economy, but more importantly, from structural changes made to the budget to reduce expenditures through such means as vacancy savings, transferring library operations to the Pima County Library District and partnering with the Regional Transportation Authority to expand transit services while reducing costs to the Town."  
  • The Bed Tax Fund is the fund that pays for the aquatic center. Its revenues are a bit more than last year at $333,000.  Bed tax spending is below plan, primarily because the town no longer funds TREO.  
Other topics to be discussed tonight include discussion of and vote on:
  • A Planned Area Development (PAD) exemption for signs in Rancho Vistoso (meeting item 2). The requested exemption is for unlit signs that provide directions to local businesses. The Conceptual Design Review Board is recommending approval.
  • A Conditional Use Permit for public art at the Town Center. The art will include "...two bronze sculptures of native reptiles, to be located between Shops C & D" in phase 1; and in phase 2: "... a bronze sculpture of a javelina or a pair of white-winged doves, to be located in the civic area."
  • A Conditional Use Permit for drive-thru's for CVS' pharmacy and for Paradise Bakery.  These retailers will be located in Town Center, which is on the the east side of Oracle Road, at the First Street intersection. The Oro Valley Development and Infrastructure Department is recommending approval conditional use permits.
This should be one of the Council's quieter meetings.

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