Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Quadruple Whammy: Your Electric and Water Costs Will Could Rise Big Time

Last Thursday night, there was an open hearing at the Nanina Library (Shannon and Ina) regarding an action the your EPA plans to take.  The EPA wants to implement new regulations on power companies that will effect electric rates and water rates, "YES, water rates, how is that you ask? Well water is pumped from wells and uphill from the Colorado river for CAP water. This requires energy."

This comes on top of a pending Tucson Electric Power (TEP) rate increase.  the The Arizona Corporate Commission is in the process of reviewing a TEP rate increase.   This rate increase will impact every individual who uses electricity and it will impact the Town of Oro Valley.  So, it will impact you yet a second time.

"The Town's biggest user of electricity is the Water Utility. It takes big pumps to move the water up to Rancho Vistoso and other areas around the Town. The utility belongs to the Southern Arizona Water Utility Group and we are using this organization to intervene on behalf of the Town," noted Council Member Mike Zinkin in response to our noting that the town should intervene in this rate making process.

This is more than double whammy if both of these events occur.  It is a quadruple whammy.  You will pay more as an individual for your electricity, the Oro Valley water department will be forced to increase rates to pay for the added cost of electricity.  Then, if EPA gets its way, you will pay even more for your electricity and water and so will the town.

The quadruple whammy doesn't even consider the 4% utility tax that will be added on to these increased costs.  Nor does it consider another EPA desire to have coal plants convert to natural gas.  That will drive up electricity costs and natural gas costs.   Nor does it consider the EPA's stated desire to close down nuclear plants.  It all adds up to skyrocketing energy costs.

What a disaster.  Then again, its always a disaster when governments interrupt the market to "social engineer" the country's basic infrastructure.

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