Monday, April 12, 2010

Why We Enthusiastically Support Matthew Rabb For Council

We are doing this posting at this time for three reasons:

1) We were asked the question.
2) A very few detractors have made distorted comments about Matthew and why we support him.
3) We are proud to support such a fine young man.

Some Background---

We had no awareness of Matthew Rabb until after he got enough signatures to become a candidate. Matthew did NOT solicit any help from anyone other than his twin brother, his family and friends in garnering the required signatures.

I saw fit to contact Matthew to determine more about him as a person, and more important, why he was running, and what were his views of the critical issues confronting our town.

Matthew and I spent hours discussing Oro Valley issues, and I got a good understanding as to his values and concerns for our future.

I saw fit to offer Matthew our support and told him to think about it; discuss it with his family and friends and let me know what he thinks of our offer.

I made it clear to Matthew that we expect nothing in return for our support.

Regardless of what you may hear from those few with their own agenda, that was how things played out.

Matthew saw fit to not accept our support. As a young independent man, Matthew felt he could "go it alone," and although it was disappointing, we backed off, but did nothing whatsoever to hurt his candidacy.

Matthew generated enough votes in the primary election, which we were very pleased to see. Matt contacted me and asked if the offer of support was still available?

I told him, unequivocally, "yes," and that I was very pleased he saw fit to ask.

That was just subsequent to the final primary results being made official.

What are Matthew's positions on some of the critical issues?

Matthew believes as we do on just about every issue. Please see The Zeeman interview of Matthew. (Our Interview With Matthew Rabb posted April 8)

Here is some of what Matthew stands for.

Matt easily differentiates himself from the other two candidates.

1) Matthew believes that taking money from the contingency fund to balance the budget is irresponsible.

2) Matthew believes that the citizens of Oro Valley should not be hurt in any way in granting any amendments to our General Plan. Matthew believes a General Plan Amendment must benefit the town, and while not wanting to hurt any developer, the "people of Oro Valley" are his first priority.

3) Matthew believes that the retail development "giveaways" did more to hurt our budget situation than help.

4) Matthew believes that working hard to develop Oro Valley's Hi Tech business community is imperative. That includes working to assist a new Basis School to open its doors here. This is not only proper, but necessary.

5) Matthew will be fiscally responsible and adhere to the old credo that "your expenses must not exceed your revenue."

6) Matthew believes that the citizens of Oro Valley come first, ahead of any Special Interest Group.

7) Matthew believes that no Special Interest Group should dictate town policy.

8) Matthew does NOT support any new taxes, including a Property Tax. "Taxing the citizens, especially in these difficult economic times is NOT the answer. The answer is cutting back frivolous spending."

There are many other issues that allow us to enthusiastically support Matt, but let's move on.

What are Matthew's main positive attributes?

Topping the list must be his basic intelligence and common sense. Matthew knows what he knows, and admits what he doesn't know. He is smart enough to listen and ask questions on any issue prior to making a decision. That in its self is refreshing.

Matthew also takes time to listen to those who disagree with him. He gives careful consideration to all view points.

What are the negative attributes about Matthew?

Some say, "Matthew is too young to run." Our response to that is simple and direct. We had a 60 year old plus up to an eighty year old plus council members, and they did not do the job. Why not allow an intelligent 29 year old to do the job. We are confident he will do it extremely well if afforded the opportunity.

That is why we are asking all Oro Valley voters to vote ONLY for Matthew Rabb for council. Please, do not vote for a second seat. It will only hurt Matthew's chances, and he is too valuable for Oro Valley to not have the chance to work for us.



Victorian Cowgirl said...

I have to laugh at the argument that Matt is too young to be a council member. So at age 29, you can be smart enough and skilled enough to be a lawyer, doctor, architect, engineer, pilot, etc., but you couldn't possibly be smart enough to be a town council member.

Real estate agents have been town council members. Am I to believe that a real estate agent is smarter than any of the above-mentioned people?

Some people accomplish more in 29 years than others do in 59 years. It's not the age that's the interest, the drive, the demeanor, and the intellect.

I'm voting ONLY for RABB.

Kathy Pastryk said...

Very good comments, VC!! I agree. The only vote I will cast for Council will be for Matt Rabb.

Think how you would feel if you voted for a second candidate and then Matthew lost by one vote!

Matthew is very smart and he really studies the issues.

The only other vote I will cast will be for Mike Zinkin for Mayor.

Jay D said...

Personally, I don't have a problem with Matt's age, but with his lack of experience participating in town government, whether it's on a board or even as a volunteer with the police department.

Those of you who choose to vote for ONLY one candidate must realize that a second candidate will also be elected. Hard to understand why you don't want to choose the candidates you feel are best suited for the job. Again, more posters on this blog who follow Art's lead...Sad.

We'll see if Art posts this, since he says I have nothing of substance to say.

artmarth said...

Jay D--- Perhaps you ought to ask Satish Hiremath & Lou waters to document their experience in our government. Joe Hornat, who's values are totally opposite what we believe this town needs, at least has some experience.

For those that may not know it, Matthew Rabb is an attorney, and he did spend time interning in our national government in Wash DC.

We hope all our readers will take our advice and vote for Mike Zinkin & ONLY Matt Rabb, as they are the ONLY two candidates we believe are worthy.

Why vote for someone you can't trust to do what's best for the people of Oro Valley?

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Jay D,

I AM choosing the candidates that I feel are best suited for the job...Mike Zinkin and Matt Rabb.

Why should I choose a second candidate when I don't care for either choice of the remaining two?

It seems hypocritical of you to say that you won't vote for Rabb because he lacks experience in our town government, while you WILL be voting for Waters and Hiremath, who lack experience in our town government.