Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matt Moutofis: His Vision For Oro Valley

Matthew Moutofis, whose artistic work can be found throughout Oro Valley has written a "Special" letter to The Explorer, on what he sees as his "vision and future (of Oro Valley) being denigrated by the interests of the few."

Although not naming names, it is obvious Matt knows that Oro Valley needs Mike Zinkin as Mayor.

Please click here to read Matt's letter.


Zev Cywan said...

Matt's letter is a magnificently written plea relative to the questions as to how can we save Oro Valley in the manner that most of us believe(d) OUR Town should 'develop'. Have we lost our way by a kind of wayward dependency on non complimentary business types? Could we have focused business direction in a manner more in keeping with the physical 'mood' of our unique topography? Did we succumb to a reckless manner of quenching a peculiar thirst for money rather than fostering the potential for the creation of a Town in harmony with itself?

I hope that the following lyrics are not a part of our swansong:

"What now, my love, now that it's over.......?"

Kathy Pastryk said...

A "town in harmony with itself" -- what a beautiful thought, an environment we could all enjoy and be proud of... Business and "the will of the people" don't have to be at odds. The Chamber of Commerce crowd is creating undue conflict when they float stories about "anti-growth" people and "anti-business" groups. Oro Valley CAN prosper by cultivating our quality of life. We know what that is -- open space, exceptional views, excellent education and ergo -- thriving businesses. We can accomplish all of that and more with Mike Zinkin as Mayor. Save your vocal chords -- there will be no need to sing Kumbaya or Zev's Cywan-song!!

Nombe Watanabe said...

God, Zev, leave the lyrics to me. You are terrible.

N.W. Blogger Emeritus

Zev Cywan said...

Not my lyrics, Nombe! They are from a famous song "What Now My Love" sung by MANY performers. Originally a French song, it was titled "Et Maintenent" written by Gilbert Becaud and Pierre Delanoe. The English lyrics were by Carl Sigman.
What now, dear Watanabe? LOL

Nombe Watanabe said...

Would you like a cup of sugar with that song?