Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pay Attention To Oro Valley Consent Agenda Item "S" On Tonight's Agenda

As most of us know, consent agenda items are almost always approved unless an item is "pulled" by a council member for discussion.

We can only hope this occurs with item "S" tonight.

Mayor Loomis can't accept "no" for an answer, and with the resignation of Salette Latas, he is once again trying to fund the likes of TREO & MTCVB with OUR bed tax revenue.

After Salette's resignation, Loomis saw fit to revise the consent agenda by adding item "S". (See left column of blog for details.)

S. * Resolution No. (R)10-23 Amending Policy Guidelines and Procedures for the funding of community agencies.

What does this mean?

It means that our bed tax money that is in reserve funds will be used to give to the aforementioned outside agencies.

The council already said "no" to these earmarks.

Let's see how this vote goes tonight---if in fact some council member thinks enough about the citizens to "pull it" for discussion.

If you don't think the upcoming election is important, think again.

Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb are against these earmarks. Period!


Christopher Fox said...

Does not due diligence require of staff to accurately predict the fiscal impact of items placed on the consent agenda? Without a dollar amount attached to Item S, how can any council member allow this to go forward on consent. Fiscal responsibility!

artmarth said...

Council Member Bill Garner saw fit to "pull" this item for discussion.

Subsequent to the discussion, Council Member Barry Gillaspie moved to approve the item, but added a number of restrictions that gives the council the power to expect positive returns on any earmarks.

That motion was approved 6-0.