Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caution: Do Not Allow Oro Valley Election To Be "Bought"

We are aware that a Political Action Committee has just been formed using the name "Citizens For A Better Oro Valley."

We all know that PACs have an agenda they wish to promote, and although that is the way it is in politics, we need to caution all Oro Valley voters what the agenda is for this group.

They will attempt to raise as much money as possible in order to get their candidates elected. Their PAC does not state which candidates they want elected, but I can tell you, it is NOT Mike Zinkin and Matt Rabb.

Why should we worry?

There are two reasons.

1) We know many of the "players" behind this PAC, who are part of the business community, including Mike Quinn owner of 911 Collision as chairman & his wife Bonnie Quinn, owner of Down Home Delights as treasurer.
2) We know their intention is to raise and spend as much cash as necessary to "buy" the election.

We hope we can reach enough of our fellow citizens that feel as we do.

Why should we vote for Mike Zinkin & ONLY Matt Rabb?

Mike & Matt are running independently with NO support, financial or otherwise from Special Interest Groups that support the other candidates. Those with "deep pockets."

Mike & Matt will NOT support an Oro Valley Property Tax. They both believe that our expenditures MUST not exceed our revenue.

Mike & Matt will not raid our contingency fund ("rainy day money") designed to be used ONLY for emergencies. They both agree balancing a budget is done by curtailing your expenditures, not by using contingency funds.

Mike & Matt understand that Oro Valley is not a philanthropic organization, and giving hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to outside agencies is not the prudent thing to do, especially during these difficult economic times. Neither believe in ANY "earmarks" without a positive return.

Mike & Matt know our council MUST show fiscal responsibility. We believe they are the ONLY two candidates that understand that simple premise.

PLEASE---- Consider these (and all the issues)---and if you agree, vote Mike Zinkin for Mayor & Matt Rabb for Council.

Don't let the big money "buy the election."


OVDad said...

You do not allow comments that speculate about Dr. Emmons' reason for withdrawal, yet in this post you speculate about the reasons for the Quinns' participation in this group. Being a business owner is not enough to qualify someone as wanting to "buy" an election. This part of the post above is nothing besides a personal attack on an Oro Valley resident and a smear attack on a private person that needs to be taken down as soon as possible.

OVDad said...

Furthermore, it is honest, local business owners like the Quinns that bring the town a lot of money. Especially given this blog's opposition to a property tax or any tax of any sort, condemning these OV citizens for using ways and means open to anyone in our lovely town to make their voice heard makes no sense.

I admire what this blog is trying to do in terms of increasing political dialogue and action in OV, yet when a resident that is also a business owner does something, they are chastised.

artmarth said...

Forming a PAC for the purpose of electing candidates that desire to raid our contingency fund, that desire to allow NPCCC to determine what is best for our citizens is perfectly acceptable.

It is also perfectly acceptable for us to point out their agenda and allow our readers to make a determination as to what is in their best interests.

Fear the Turtle said...

The key to survival and growth for a small business is sticking to the basics.

For over ten years I was in charge of a company of over thirty employees in a very competitive industry, and not once did we get involved in activities outside of our core competency with the hopes of increasing revenues. It always amazed me when I saw our competitors get involved in activites outside of their control, and expect a windfall of revenue in exchange. These competitors usually went out of business or sold out for pennies on the dollar.

Our focus stayed lasered in on increasing our market share, increasing our cash position, hitting our numbers, and perpetuation. Not easy stuff, but as a result I was able to retire at the ripe old age of 53.

Hopefully "911 Collision" has in place nice deals with several insurance carriers, conducts aggressive marketing campaigns, and retains good employees. I've never been to "Down Home Delights", and I'm sure its a nice place but they need to get the word out to the public. More restaurants fail because of lack of any marketing.
If these two business people are hanging their hats on getting local politicans to increase their revenues, than they are sadly mistaken and are wasting a lot of their very limited valuable time.

Jay D said...

Art, I am sure you, like the rest of us, are not able to read people's minds, so it's unfair of you to state why a PAC was formed and what its intent is.

Zinkin has definitely raised his share of money as evidenced by the one (or maybe it was two) robocalls I received from him prior to the primary. I am sure most of your posters hate those robocalls as much as I do. In addition, somehow Zinkin managed to come up with enough money to have stickers placed twice on the front of the Arizona Daily Star. Those must cost have cost him a pretty penny. Was his intent to buy the election?

Finally, while I am not necessarily in favor of a property tax, I believe that the people have a right to decide. I do not appreciate an elected official who does not represent the people. Zinkin has claimed that he is "absolutely NOT" in favor of a property tax and my impression was that he had no intention of ever moving this to a vote of the people. He is one person who should represent the community, not decide that the rest of us are lemmings and not entitled to weigh in.

artmarth said...

Jay D-- A couple of points.

1) You are correct. I can't read people's minds, but I can understand that "Special Interests Groups" have an agenda, which does not necessarily coincide with the best interests of the people.

2) Mike Zinkin received donations from the citizens and others that understand his views as mayor are to do what is best for the majority of the people. It is public record who contributes to a candidate. Mike received zero dollars from ANY Special Interest Group, including, NPCCC, Tucson C of C, SAHBA, etc.

3) Mike Zinkin is on record as saying he will NOT vote for an Oro Valley Property Tax until ALL options have been exhausted, and it would be a last resort. Furthermore, Mike has only one vote, so he can not solely determine what is best. I think you understand that.

Jay D said...

Fear the Turtle, just fyi, not long ago, the Northwest Explorer, which Art loves to quote, listed "The Best of" for 2009. Down Home Delights won 1st place for "Best place to meet for breakfast," and "Best place to meet for lunch," so obviously people enjoy going there.

In terms of Zinkin, I am just saying that I did not appreciate his adamant opposition to a property tax. I am NOT saying I want a property tax. I just do NOT think Zinkin should decide that for us. I am also aware that this financial information is public record. I was responding to your comments that PACs are trying to buy the election. My feeling is that all candidates do what they can to raise money to get their names out there. Obviously Zinkin has raised a lot of money if he was able to send robocalls (do you like those?), print sizable signs, and place stickers on newspapers! This is how candidates get their names out there and get noticed. You can't on the one hand imply that some candidates are buying elections while the candidates you are promoting are attempting to do the same thing!

Victorian Cowgirl said...

If I remember correctly, at a council meeting where citizens were speaking about the sign code (business owners were rallying for 24-hour lighted signage...citizens and the scientific community were advocating for lights out one hour after closing), Mike Quinn (owner of 911 Collision) became enraged at one point and began yelling from his seat and verbally attacking Councilmember Garner. I also remember Quinn walking up to the dais and having a face-to-face confrontation with Garner. Quinn was completely uncivilized, out of control, and acting like a bully.

I made a mental note never to patronize his business or Down Home Delights.

So if they have now started a PAC, I can only assume that their "agenda" is to elect candidates who will be pro-business and who will vote for 24-hour lighted signage.

Fear the Turtle said...

Jay D.,
Thanks for the info on "Down Home Delights". It appears as though this restaurant is doing ok and doesn't need to go outside of OV for biz. I've been in OV for four years and usually take our many guests to the breakfast place in Catalina before golf. I just wasn't aware this place served breakfast, and now might have to go there for and check it out.

It is hit or miss (as I have pointed this out several times on this blog)if our subdivision receives the Explorer. Does "Down Home Delights" advertise in the Explorer?

artmarth said...

"Cowgirl"---Let me just say, you remember quite correctly the incident where Mr. Quinn was told by Mayor Loomis to sit down & shut up.

May not be verbatim, but close enough.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Hmmm....Jay D pointed out that, "Down Home Delights won 1st place for Best place to meet for breakfast and Best place to meet for lunch."

Meanwhile, the owners of Down Home Delights tried to convince the council that they NEEDED 24-hour lighted signage or they were going to lose business.

And people wonder why I have so little respect for most of the business owners in this town.

John Martin said...

Does anyone know if this new PAC has officially filed organization papers and started raising money? Is there some record of its principals on file with the town yet, or is it too soon to inspect?

artmarth said...

John--- Yes they filed with the Quinns listed as Chairman & Treasurer.

As to others involved, yes, we know some, and they ALL obviously have the same MO.

Christopher Fox said...

Fiscal responsibility, folks, that is the core trait of anyone I would like to see elected come this next ballot. I would truly like to know where all candidates stand on items L through O on the agenda for this evenings council meeting.

Jay D said...

Fear the Turtle: Not sure if Down Home Delights advertises in the Explorer or not, but definitely worth a visit.

VC: If the fact that Mike Quinn's frustration with the council is why you do not visit his business, then you should follow that same philosophy and not visit this blog. If I am not mistaken, Art has lost his temper at council meetings as well!

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Jay D,

You're comparing apples and oranges. I won't patronize the Quinn's businesses because I won't give them my money after witnessing the uncivilized behavior of Mike Quinn.

Art doesn't make any money off of me when I visit his blog.

Desert Voice said...

Jay D,

So you still have not documented how much Zinkin has in his campaign fund nor how he used those monies in the primary nor who his backers are. Yet you continue to make insinuations about his campaign finances.

Your posting states that "it must have cost a pretty penny for him to have his stickers on the AZ Star" twice and that he's "definitely raised his share of money" judging by the robocalls you received.

Have you considered, Jay D, that Zinkin used the modest sums he raised very effectively? His strategy may have gotten him more bang for the dollar resulting in his substantial lead over Hiremath and Loomis? In my opinion, that demonstrates fiscal responsibility and efficiency.

Two years ago, Terry Parrish received $33,000 from developers, substantially more than any other candidate. He lost his bid for Council. Hiremath received money from special interest groups. Loomis had robocalls in process from late January. Both received fewer votes than Zinkin.

How effective will Hiremath be with the funds the new PAC collects?

Jay D said...

Desert Voice, rather than harping on me to "document" how much Zinkin has in his campaign fund, why don't you try to have a reasonable conversation???? Campaign finances are public record. It is not my responsibility to document how much anyone has in his/her campaign fund. It's absurd that you would even ask that. Are you unaware that this information is accessible to anyone who wants it?

Quite obviously, you missed my point. Art suggested that the election can be "bought." I countered this by commenting that every candidate attempts to attract attention by spending money to get his/her name out there! Zinkin evidenced this by his use of incredibly annoying robocalls (I hate those regardless of who sends them), stickers on newspapers, campaign signs, and probably some mailers (I just can't remember those).

I see nothing constructive about your comments to me...

Why don't you do a service for the posters here, look up the finances of all of the candidates, and provide us with that information, rather than attacking me.

artmarth said...

I will only make one short comment.

In the primary election, Hiremath spent in excess of $10,000---more than double what Zinkin spent.