Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Discussion With Mike Zinkin

We had the opportunity to talk with Mike Zinkin today regarding his beliefs as it concerns Oro Valley, the differences between him and Satish Hiremath, and his commitment to his only special interest group: The Citizens of Oro Valley.

Mike absolutely "has a handle" on the challenges and issues facing Oro Valley. His commitment to each of us is clear. His sincerity is obvious.

There is no doubt that Mike will serve us well.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

Two things that I find very interesting:

(1) The firefighters have decided to endorse Hiremath despite never even having interviewed Zinkin.

(2) Zinkin wants a Mayoral debate with Hiremath, but Hiremath keeps making excuses. Why is Hiremath avoiding a one-on-one debate? While Zinkin mentions contacting Hiremath just once to request a debate, I happen to know that he actually contacted Hiremath three separate times about this issue and Hiremath made a different excuse each time.

Hiremath once said that he doesn't attend Town Council meetings because they're too frustrating. Apparently, he also finds it too frustrating to debate his opponent.

These "frustrations" are minor compared to what he will face as Mayor. Time and time again Hiremath shows me that he is just not equipped for this job.

Desert Voice said...

V Cowgirl,

Strongly agree with your observations particularly about SH'savoiding an "in person debate" of the issues. While Hiremath cites turning the election into a partisan one, his avoidance shows FEAR and embarrassment that Zinkin ran first in the primaries by a significant margin.

Zinkin, in the interview, mentioned that "if Satish would have stayed at the last budget meeting..." What? A majoral candidate left a meeting to prepare and educate candidates on the most crucial issue facing this town, the budget??? That is a very revealing comment. Who wants a mayor who dismisses an educational meeting about the biggest expense/decision the Town faces? I certainly won't. I want someone who cares enough to learn all he can to be prepared for the challenges he has to handle.

What is even more curious is that Hiremath (Hornat and Waters) have backers who have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stated reasons, positions with specificity, of why they will vote for them. NB. You illustrated this clearly by saying that the Firefighters never even invited Zinkin to meet with them. Translated; they did not care to know what his positions were as their minds were already made up on what was recommended to them, to back Hiremath. Where is the reason, the logic, the nonpartisanship in their choice?

Mike's interview on LOVE clearly states his positions on the budget, use of the Contingency Fund, citizen input on developing business in OV, and who is beholden to whom. Voters have five months into the hear Hiremath or his supporters about these important issues.

Snider endorsed Hiremath, Hornat and Waters. However, she has not elaborated on the reasons why voters should elect them. Voters get emotional rhetoric and volume but NO REASONS, NO PLATFORM, NO POSITIONS. Snider, a married woman with children, aligns herself with these three. By so doing, she aligns herself with the men. In my opinion, this means all four have little respect for women in OV because they all support and back a man who is not married to the mother of his last three children.

If Hiremath is not committed to his own flesh and blood, how can citizens depend on him to make decisions for OV?

OVDad said...

Desert Voice:

The intolerant world view that you exhibit in your last two paragraphs are sickening. A woman that aligns herself with men who back a man that is not married but has children has disrespect for women? Where do you come up with this and what century do you live in? Are you serious?

Hiremath is not committed to his own flesh and blood because he is not married? And that means he can't serve the citizens. FDR was one of the greatest womanizers ever but also a great president. One thing doesn't have to do with the other.

Jay D said...

Last time Art bothered to post one of my comments, he made sure to tell me that I had nothing substantial to say. Honestly, that made me laugh out loud, especially when I read some of the crazy comments that do get posted. One of the craziest so far is the comment by Desert Voice regarding Hiremath's children and his personal life. It must be great to be so high and mighty!

So maybe one of you bloggers can answer a question for me. In the Explorer article, I seem to remember reading that Zinkin is married to his second wife. What happened to his first wife? Did she pass away? If that's the case, I am truly sorry for his loss. Or did he divorce her? If that's the case, then I have to wonder how Zinkin can expect to run this town if he is unable to stick with his commitments and follow things through! Does this mean he doesn't respect women?

A ridiculous argument, don't you think?

John Martin said...

Art, I must say, I've had quite enough of this kind of statement from too many individuals on this site, quoting from a post on this thread: "If Hiremath is not committed to his own flesh and blood, how can citizens depend on him to make decisions for OV?"

Not only is it vicious and inappropriate, but is, in my view, a personal attack.

You've done quite well in recent weeks monitoring this blog for pointed personal attacks that demean individuals' character and those of their families. I believe, however, you let that particular jab slip too many times.

Ask yourself, all of you who post such vitriol, ask yourself this one question: Do you really think that as outsiders, and many of you freely admit you don't know Hiremath from Adam, that you are qualified to judge whether or not his family thinks he has committed himself as a father and partner? It's baloney bedroom politics that demeans those making the charge.

My opinion, yes. But, you need to be called out on this one.

artmarth said...

John--- Thanks for your comment. Although Dr. Hiremath's marital status was noted in his bio in The Explorer some weeks ago, and there are those (I believe, mainly the women) that feel it is an appropriate issue, your point is well taken.

I would therefore request that our bloggers avoid this particular issue, as there are many other criteria that I believe make Mike Zinkin the vastly superior candidate for OV Mayor.

travelling dancer said...

Art, interesting comment that you made about women. What I find curious is that many MEN that read the Explorer had a similar take on it . They alligned it with "family Values" and character. Remember a large majority of voters are WOMEN as of 1920. The nineteenth amendment to the United States Constitution. (1912 in Arizona).

Another thing I find interesting is V Cowgirl's comment. True the firefighters have endorced Dr. Hiremath, but WHAT firefighters? Not ORO VALLEY but TUCSON firefighters. That is a bit strange, he is not running for TUCSON Mayor.

travelling dancer said...

I would like to address OVDad. Sure FDR was a womanizer and so was JFK, BUT, they were married to the mothers of their children.

Dr. Hiremath says he does not want to debate and that he is nonpartisan, BUT, via the grapevine, which is moving quickly, Dr. Hiremath was overheard speaking to the Board of the Republican LD26 asking them for monies and to support him. They would'nt give him funds but they are supporting him sending out emails etc. from Headquarters. How nonpartisan is that?