Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letters To Explorer "Tout" Satish Hiremath For Mayor

In the interest of fairness, we see fit to post three letters to the Explorer "touting" Dr. Satish Hiremath for Oro Valley Mayor.

One letter is from the candidate, another from Melanie Larson (Past owner & publisher of The Explorer and Board Member of NPCCC) and one from a citizen.

All three letters are self-serving, and we believe point out why we need MIKE ZINKIN for Mayor.

As for the time it takes to be effective in the job, that is certainly debatable. For us, the issue is not so much the time afforded the position, but the knowledge and experience to do the job.

Mike Zinkin is heads and shoulders ahead of Satish in both knowledge and experience in town politics.

Both are good, caring people that want what is best for Oro Valley. Mike has the support & backing of average citizens. Satish has the support, backing and financial backing from Special Interest Groups.

Who do you think will be beholden to whom? Mike will not "owe" the Chamber of Commerce SAHBA (home-builders), unions, etc. Mike will "owe" only the people of Oro Valley---period!

And, by the way, it's almost laughable for Ms.Larson to point out that Satish will have another dentist, while she erroneously states that Mike will have two part-time jobs. Mike will NOT have any job, other than mayor!

The mayor needs the knowledge and background of Oro Valley issues to be effective. Being a dentist who has plenty of "patients," but not the "patience" to ever attend a council meeting other than looking for a handout for GOVAC is not what we need.

Please--- analyze both candidates qualifications, and vote accordingly. We hope you'll agree with us that Oro Valley NEEDS MIKE ZINKIN!

Here are the Explorer letters.


Leopold B. Stotch said...

I like that Mikey Zinkin breaks everything down to a sports analogy. That is why I support him. As Mikey recently pointed out, being a mayor is just like being a little league baseball umpire. Really, he's making a broader point - if you're good at umping little league, you're good at life. There are endless examples that make this a true fact, but I won't bore you.

If you're interested in the full explanation from Mikey - you can see The Zee Man's YouTube posting of Zinkin's speech at a recent town event (scroll down to the one where Mike's wearing a blue unbuttoned polo shirt). He nails it with his analogy about how the pressures of being Mayor are just like being a little league baseball umpire! NAILED IT!

As Zinkin alludes - Dr. Hiremath has never been a little league baseball umpire. So he doesn't know the first thing about dealing with the pressures of being Mayor.

Watch it here:

ezek said...

I did not know being a little league umpire was one of the qualifications of being mayor. So you are saying that since Dr Hiremath was never a little league umpire then we should not vote for him as he does not know the pressures of being a little league umpire which are comparible to the pressures of being mayor?
The pressures of running a succesful business don't rate as high as the pressures of being a little league umpire then?


Leopold B. Stotch said...

Ezek - absolutely. I won't for anyone that hasn't been a little league umpire. Except for Sarah Palin. She is the only exception.

Please, don't forget to vote for Sarah Palin as a write-in candidate.

RC said...

Leopold - Where you ever a little league baseball umpire??? God I hope so because I am going to vote for you!!