Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dr. Don Emmons, No Longer A Candidate, But Remains On Ballot

As we previously reported, Dr. Don Emmons has withdrawn his name as a candidate for Oro Valley Council.

However, due to the timing, his name will still appear on the ballot, but votes for him will not be counted.

We support ONLY Matthew Rabb for Town Council. We would ask all our Oro Valley voters to please vote ONLY for Matt. If you need to vote for a 2nd candidate, help Matt by voting for Don Emmons.

Here's The Explorer article.


OinStarr said...

Real nice Art. You tout that your followers are intelligent and know the issues. If that is the case why would they follow your advice. To suggest that Emmons who has witdrawn from the race be favored with a vote because they feel they need to vote for two candidates is a mockery of the system and a complete disservice to Oro Valley.

It should be about the candidates that can uphold the oath of office and not uphold the rantings of Art Segal. Shame on you, shame on the message you deliver.

Leopold B. Stotch said...

Oinstarr - you are so blindly ignorant. Really,its just sad.

Thank God Emmons is still on the ballot.

I WILL be voting for Dr. Don Emmons becuause that is who I support and who this blog supports. It doesn't matter that Emmons dropped out of the race - this blog can tell people to vote for whomever it wishes to tell people to vote for - this is AMERICA.

Don't be fooled by reg herrings put up by special government interests like the head of elections, Town Clerk Kathryn Cuvelier, who casually told the Explorer that "any votes Emmons receives will not be tallied." Oh - is that right?! That is so unAmerican. I can vote for ANYONE I want to vote for. And if I vote for Sarah Palin - they MUST count it. In fact, I WILL vote for Sarah Palin and if they do not post at least one vote for Palin in the tally, you'll know the whole election is a SCAM. If that happens we will have no choice but to reload and organize a naked tea bag party outside Town Hall.

Let's take this country back! Vote for DR. DON EMMONS and SARAH PALIN in May.

An OV Citizen said...

Bad form Art, very bad form

Nombe Watanabe said...

crap, i have lost my throne.

Fear the Turtle said...

Hey Leopold B. Stotch you might want to check out Southpark's copyright compliance policy before you place another post under that name.

Leopold B. Stotch said...

Fear the Turtle - The University of Maryland called - something about a bogus copyright claim? I'm not sure what they mean, because I am completely ignorant of the law. So I did some online research and this YouTube video will explain everything you need to know about copyright infringement:

Nombe - you have not lost your throne. It's not a competition. Your posts are very thoughtful - even when we disagree - you have a fully functioning brain.

ALL - Be sure to vote for Dr. Emmons and Sarah Palin for Council. Seriously, how unbelievably awesome would it be to have Sarah serve on our Town Council. There aren't the words for how super totally awesome that would be.

Here is a great tribute video to Sarah Palin for those not familiar with her important AMERICAN work:

Hugs and kisses.

artmarth said...

Leopold--- Perhaps you are not aware, but we frown on using this blog to promote any national agenda.

Therefore, I trust this will be your last reference concerning who you will or not vote for as OV Council candidates.

Fear the Turtle said...


This blog is one source out of several to gain some insight into the workings of OV. Everything posted on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt, and one can form and state their opinions as to whether or not the postings have any merit.

Your posts have nothing to do with anything and it appears your intent is to bog this blog down and end any meaningful conversations. It would be nice if you had something insightful to post as it appears you possess some intelligence,however, you are just coming off as one very angry person.

Christopher Fox said...

I've learned that reading any posting by LBS is an utter waste of time....

Chuck Davis said...

Agree with Mr Fox's comment. Individual has the proper initial LBS, likely stands for

Nombe Watanabe said...


His postings are brilliant satire. The problem is that he is so far over the top that most of us have a hard time deciding if he is serious or not.

He needs a good editor. I nominate OV Objective Thinker. Matter and Antimatter would make a good, explosive, mix.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

Voting for Emmons, even though he is no longer in the race, would be the same as voting for a write-in candidate (which is allowed). If it's allowed, then it's not "a mockery of the system."

I suspect that's what Leopold is referencing when he says he will write-in Sarah Palin. The write-in candidate has to be counted in the tally.

I'm not surprised that the town clerk said that votes for Emmons would not be tallied. She's known for making up the rules as she goes along, always to favor her chosen candidates of course! THAT'S making a mockery of the system!

artmarth said...

One point of clarification on the previous comment.

The Oro Valley Town Clerk did not determine that votes for Don Emmons will not be counted. That decision was proper and in this case was made by the Pima County Board of Elections.

James said...

VC, I find your accusations towards the town clerk unfounded. Please elaborate. (Am I wrong to assume that you will use th example of the blog registering as as a PAC.) I don't fault the town clerk for that. If memory serves right, outside counsel suggested it. However, if you have other examples please share.

artmarth said...

James--- Without going into details, I can assure you,in addition to the "blog issue," other decisions were made that were inappropriate and in error.

Your memory of our "situation," is in fact somewhat faulty.

Why don't we try getting back on point---which is not discussing the town clerk.

Jay D said...

I wholeheartedly agree with OinStarr who said Art's comment "If you need to vote for a 2nd candidate, help Matt by voting for Don Emmons," makes a mockery of the system...I will go one step further and say it makes a mockery of this blog. Honest, responsible discussion is invaluable. Providing ridiculous advice is not in the best interests of our town!

James said...

Art, I will acknowledge that my understanding of "the blog issue" isn't what yours is and I could be mistaken. I also agree that the issue isn't the Town Clerk. However, I believe that those type of accusations shouldn't be thrown out with out credible evidence.

artmarth said...

Jay D--- OK. Rather than "make a mockery of the vote," I'll rescind that advise.

My advice to anyone that believes as we do, that we can't allow any Special Interest Group to take control of our Town Council should vote for MIKE ZINKIN for Mayor and ONLY MATT RABB for Council.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Jay D,

There was a long list of things that the town clerk did about two years ago that prompted my comment. Not getting into the details of it all again since they were all previously posted on this blog.

Long story short...she gave misinformation to one person running for town council, gave misinformation to another person who was collecting petition signatures, and tried to shorten something I'd written for a voter pamphlet, claiming that I was over the word count, when I was not.

When a person has been in a job for as many years as she has been, and she makes this many mistakes, I have to she incompetent or are the mistakes deliberate? Either way, I'm no fan of hers.

This thread is not about her so I'm done with this discussion.

OinStarr said...


Again, if the contributors to this blog are as intelligent as you state, then they should be able to make an informed decision. Since you are so adamant about your candidate choices, this blog is only a single sided Art Segal opinion page and has as much credibility as the National Enquirer.

I have a question about special interests. Two of your favorite council people accepted money from the Pima County Democratic Party (special interest?) in the last election cycle. Are we to believe that those two individuals are therefore letting the Democratic Party contol our town council? Along your lines of thinking that is the way I understand it. Just exactly what would they be controlling?

Nombe Watanabe said...

Two wars, one of which was and is unjustified, a rich nation with an infant mortality rate that rivals a third world banana republic, a failed public education system, a state legislature comprised of wing-nuts, gun-nuts and stooges, a county that taxes like Beverly Hills with not much to show for it, and a mid-sized city to our south which cannot develop a three square mile downtown. And yet, it is claimed, once again, that the Pima County Democratic Party has nothing better to do with its meager funds than to support candidates in a small town election?

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans should have any interest what-so-ever in Oro Valley. There is no national agenda here. We want to live our lives in relative comfort.

God save us from partisan politics. Look what it has done for us in Washington.